5 Luxurious Lingerie Brands You Need to Shop to Amp Your Sex Appeal ...


5 Luxurious Lingerie Brands You Need to Shop to Amp Your Sex Appeal ...
5 Luxurious Lingerie Brands You Need to Shop to Amp Your Sex Appeal ...

Now that summer has officially arrived (and it’s hot literally everywhere!) it’s time to make sure everything in your life is prepared for the inevitable ensuing heat waves, including your bedroom.

Although everyone and their grandmothers are out shopping for bikinis and swimwear to cool off in the sun, it’s also important to not ignore the importance of sleepwear during the summer months, and of course to heat things up with that special someone!

Everyone knows that summer is the sexiest time of the year (OF COURSE!), and that’s why it’s time to embrace your inner Foxy Lady, and the best way to do so is through a new purchase of lingerie.

But in 2017 Victoria’s Secret lingerie seems a little too cliché or old-fashioned for some, and that’s exactly why we have compiled a list of brands for the most chic and beautiful designer lingerie that is sure to turn your guy’s love light all the way on until winter!

So here are the 5 Luxury Lingerie brands you need to know shop this summer:

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Fox and Rose - foxandrose.com

This brand exemplifies both sides of sex with seductive, bold foxy selections, along with more elegant natured lingerie that allows the wearer to personify that of a blossoming rose. The lingerie brand itself is a very incredible combination of both these energies with several options that are incredibly adventurous and some that are more reserved and sophisticated. So no matter how exactly you’re looking to heat things up in the bedroom this brand has got you covered.


Guia La Bruna at nancymeyer.com

This lingerie is made from some of the most exquisite fabrics in Italy, and what makes this brand so unique is that the lingerie style is very vintage and looks like underwear you would see back in the 60s and 70s, but it has been refashioned for more youthful modern markets. Silk muslin is typically what the lingerie is made from, and if you’re looking for a fun, yet frisky sex appeal through your lingerie then this is an incredible option that allows you to embrace old styles and make them fresh and sexy on your body!


Fleur of England - fleurofengland.com

This is an amazing company that specializes in lace trims and peek-a-boo cutout bras, and most of their designs are very elegant and made of silk and lace. When you wear this lingerie you really are becoming a moving piece of art that is not only sophisticated and sexy, but also beautiful and timeless. Many celebrities like Katy Perry and Sarah Jessica Parker have been known to endorse the Fleur of England as well!


Agent Provocateur - agentprovocateur.com - 70% off sale Right now!

Agent Provocateur is by far one of the most popular luxury lingerie brands in the world right now, and they have become so popular in a similar way to how Victoria’s Secret took over mainstream lingerie many years ago through an incredible marketing platform. These creations are some of the boldest you’ll find on the market, and they are sure to release your inner fox as you become an undeniable walking piece of European art. If you’re looking to heat your relationship up this summer then Agent Provocateur could be your one-stop-shop to light the flame of your relationship ALL THE WAY UP.


Bordelle - bordelle.co.uk

This luxury lingerie brand is for those who want to break on through to the other side of sexiness and wear something more empowering and dominant in the bedroom. Instead of looking sexy and flirtatious you’ll be wearing lingerie more oriented towards bondage with an S&M style that has been worn by the likes of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga on stage!

So no matter what you’re looking for this summer a new, sexy you can be found in a brand new piece of luxury lingerie!

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