4 Brilliant πŸ’‘ Reasons Why Bras πŸ‘™ Are the Worst πŸ‘Ž ...

Women are always talking about why we hate bras. Do you ever wish that bras never existed in the first place? If there were the opportunity, many of us would take the escape from wearing bras. At least, I would. Even though they can be supportive, there are strong reasons as to why they are annoying to wear. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why we hate bras.

1. No Perfect Fit

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One of the biggest reasons why we hate bras is that they never fit right. It is nearly impossible to find a bra that fits just right. So usually we have to settle for the closest one. But after a while, they will stretch out or stop fitting due to weight change. To continuously buy bras can become quite expensive.

2. Unfriendly with Sweat

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The summertime is the worse time to wear a bra. However, it is also the most important time to wear one, as we dress in thinner and more revealing clothes. There is no escape from sweating and the sweating that occurs under the bra is extremely uncomfortable. Plus, it can cause very gross results. I’d rather not get into too much detail.

3. Annoying to Wash

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With bras, you can’t toss them in the wash like you can with other clothing. You either have to put them into a mesh bag or hand wash them with a special detergent. On drying, you have to embarrassingly hang them up in the bathroom for all your family to see. That’s fun.

4. Hard to Hide

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We pretty much have to hide our breasts with bras while outside in the world, but then we have the nuisance of having to hide our bras as well. A strap showing itself is apparently horrible in the public eye even though we all know it’s there whether it is seen or unseen. There is also the predicament of making sure the color of the bra can’t be seen through your shirt. I’ve had plenty of moments where I put on a dark bra and grabbed a light-color shirt to only have to switch the shirt or the bra.

Hopefully, there will be a day where a woman can walk out of her home without a bra and not be scrutinized or declared indecent. But for now, we must endure our bras and try to be as comfortable as possible with them.

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