7 Mixed Print Outfits Every Fashionista Should Try ...


It's time to mix it up for summer! That's right, no more "following the rules" when it comes to fashion. I was always afraid to try mixing prints with my outfits, but I've learned that it can be one of the most fun ways to create a totally fabulous ensemble. Need further proof? Check out these 7 mixed print outfits.

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Striped Pencil Skirt + Floral Top

Striped Pencil Skirt + Floral Top This mixed print look is perfect for spring and can easily transition into summer. I like how there are lots of colors on the top and a more subtle pattern on the skirt. You could totally change up the look by going with some ballet flats instead of heels, and switching out the clutch for a more casual bag.


Striped Dress + Floral Jacket

Striped Dress + Floral Jacket This look is totally worthy of Sunday brunch. Not only is the floral jacket really fun, it has frayed detailing that makes it unique. The extra pop of color with the pumps is also fantastic- how cute are those bows on the heel?


Floral Skirt + Gingham Shirt

Floral Skirt + Gingham Shirt If there is any print that makes me think of a BBQ, it is gingham. Pair it with a floral, and you've got a super cool combo that is spring BBQ chic. But you can also wear this look for a day out on the town, to church, or to a family gathering.


Tropical Print Skirt + Blue Striped Shirt

Tropical Print Skirt + Blue Striped Shirt Got plans to attend a summer luau? Well, even if you don't, you can pretend you're at one. A fun tropical print skirt and casual striped tee make this look perfect for a summer in Hawaii...or a daydream of being there... The wedge sandals dress up this look a bit, but it would also look super cute with some flat sandals.


Striped Dress + Camo Jacket

Striped Dress + Camo Jacket For the casual girl with tomboy style, a comfortable maxi dress and camo jacket make a great team. Add a pair of aviator-style sunnies for an extra dose of cool, and complete the look with comfortable Converse sneakers.


B&W Stripes + B&W Polka Dots

B&W Stripes + B&W Polka Dots Sometimes it's fun to mix prints in the same color family. I like how this outfit keeps the black & white theme going for a cohesive look. I would probably add a pop of color with shoes or a clutch, but the black & white combo is definitely classy and chic.


Multi-Colored Striped Skirt + Animal Print Top

Multi-Colored Striped Skirt + Animal Print Top Rawr! How fab is this look? You can't ever (usually) go wrong with animal print, and it complements this striped skirt so well. Accessorize with feminine pieces like a clutch and heels, or tone the girlie down with an edgy jacket and boots. This look is wildly awesome!

Don't be afraid to combine your favorite prints. It's a great way to spice up your outfits, and you can mix & match several different pieces to create original looks. What is your favorite mixed print combo?

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I love #5 best, the rest is just too tacky for my kind of style

Like no 7 but none of the others

I don't like no 7 I wouldn't have thought about mixing some of these!!

These are all really cute!

#6 looks like something Olivia Palermo would wear

My favorite is stripe and camo look love that military style

No two is a No No ! The rest look okayish

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