The Sexiest Lollapalooza Looks You Can Rock Anywhere ...

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest music festivals of the summer if you live in the United States, but unfortunately, most of us can’t make it to Chicago for the actual festival. It’s also one of the biggest places to get inspired for some much-needed style inspiration, especially if your style is boho, rocker, or grunge. If you couldn’t make it to the festival but still want to dress like you did, this list is sure to give you tons of style inspiration, whether you’re going to a music festival or you’re simply running some errands, you can look like you just walked into Lollapalooza all of the time!

1. A Kimono Look

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Kimonos are such an easy festival look, and they’re an even easier look when you’re not going to a festival. Kimonos are starting to become expected at music festivals, but they’re so easy to pull off, whether you’re walking down the street or actually going to a music festival. Simply pair your favorite pair of denim shorts with a tank top and throw a kimono over it. You can wear the simplest outfit, but when you wear a kimono, it looks like an outfit that you spent a ton of time putting together!

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