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Midi skirts are one of the biggest trends of this year, but it might feel like finding the perfect midi skirt outfit for you can be a bit of a daunting task. There are so many different ideas and options you can try out, and this list will help you give you so much midi skirt style inspiration that you won't know where to start!

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Miranda Kerr's Pencil Skirt

clothing,dress,fashion,supermodel,spring, Via Miranda Kerr Wears The Prettiest ...
This pencil skirt is perfect if you're looking to make a statement!


Navy and Stripes

clothing,dress,spring,pattern,fashion, Via Summer Into Fall Outfits ~ ...
I'm usually not a fan of navy and black together, but this look paired with Louboutins screams high fashion!


A Peach Midi

clothing,dress,woman,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Via 50 Great New Looks For ...
This peach midi skirt paired with a crisp white blouse is perfect for a fresh, spring look!


The Textured Look

clothing,dress,wedding dress,bridal clothing,footwear, Via Get this look for $101+
This skirt may look simple at first glance, but a closer look will reveal that it has the most luxurious texture that's perfect no matter the time of the year.


A European Getaway

clothing,dress,lady,beauty,fashion, Via Milly: A Blue Story - ...
This skirt reminds me of something you'd wear while traipsing around Rome and Paris.


Gray and Coral

red,clothing,pink,dress,pattern, Via Red A-line Midi Skirt - ...
It's amazing that you don't see gray and coral paired together more often, because this color combination shines in this midi skirt look.


Crisp and White

white,clothing,day dress,sleeve,dress, Via ASOS | ASOS Premium Full ...
Although this simple, white skirt could be worn at any time of the year, something about this look makes me think it'd be perfect for a Fourth of July celebration!


Classic and Chic

clothing,dress,wedding dress,woman,bridal clothing, Via Some Winter Looks I Love ...
This is one of the most-talked about midi skirts on the Internet. The casual sweatshirt with the tulle midi skirt creates an elegant and chic look!


Purple on Purple on Purple

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,gown, Via Purple A-line Midi Skirt - ...
While I'm not usually a fan of this much purple, this look enchanted me when I first saw it. There's a bit of shine to the skirt, and even her lip look is tied into the outfit!


Updated Audrey Hepburn

clothing,pink,dress,spring,fashion, Via Spring Lookbook – Simple outfit ...
The black crop top reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would've worn, but the fuschia midi skirt is the perfect update to her classic look!


Winter Midi Skirt

clothing,sleeve,dress,fashion,footwear, Via How To Style A Midi ...
Midi skirts aren't usually known for their winter versatility, but this gray fabric is perfect for all of your cold-weather needs!


Full and Pink

clothing,pink,dress,outerwear,pattern, Via 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits ...
This full, pink, skirt almost has a life of its own!


Make a Statement

color,pink,clothing,red,dress, Via Glam Rose Print A-line Midi ...
What better way to make a statement than with a pair of fuchsia heels and a rose print midi skirt?


Polka Dots

clothing,pattern,polka dot,dress,design, Via Designer Inspired Large Round Circle ...
Midi skirts and polka dots are pretty retro, but it's rare that you see polka dots this small on a midi skirt. The small size of the polka dots adds a fresh touch to a tried and true classic!



clothing,yellow,dress,green,bridal party dress, Via Neon A-line Midi Skirt - ...
Looking for a statement piece? This midi skirt is the statement piece of our dreams!


Muted Pink

pink,clothing,dress,fashion,child, Via Atlantic-Pacific: sunshine & stripes
If you're looking for a colorful midi skirt but don't want something too bright, this muted pink skirt is probably exactly what you're looking for!


Blue Stripes

clothing,pattern,sleeve,plaid,design, Via 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits ...
This blue striped skirt is making a statement while it's also neutral enough to pair in a variety of different outfits!


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve (or Your Skirt)

clothing,blue,dress,lady,beauty, Via Scenic Print Midi Skirt - ...
If you've left your heart in London, wear the city on your skirt in a quirky homage to your favorite place.


Dark Floral

clothing,pink,dress,spring,fashion, Via Summer trends in the style ...
This dark floral is perfect no matter the time of the year!


Blue Brocade

clothing,dress,season,spring,fashion, Via Full midi skirt in brocade
This skirt is perfect if you're going to a spring wedding or a Sunday morning brunch. It's so chic yet so versatile.


Stripes and Polka Dots

clothing,dress,spring,pattern,fashion, Via Mix Patterns :: Striped skirt ...
A striped midi skirt has almost become a wardrobe staple this year, but adding a polka dot clutch to it mixes up the typical pattern!


Pink Floral

clothing,pink,dress,pattern,fashion, Via Elle Apparel: FALLING FOR FLORALS- ...
Although this skirt is floral, it's definitely not your typical floral. It's the perfect summer statement midi skirt!



clothing,dress,girl,toddler,child, Via Spring Cruise Butterfly and Flower ...
This pastel midi skirt screams spring!


Lavender Midi Skirt

pink,clothing,dress,spring,fashion, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
The lavender and neon pink are a gorgeous summer color idea!


Florals Galore

clothing,dress,pink,fashion,spring, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...
This crazy floral color combination looks like it just came off of a runway!

Which midi skirt is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments!

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all of them are pretty,especially the pastels

Absolutely lovely.

They're all nice in their own unique way. I love no8 the best so classy and girly

i love the polka dot one....

Wow beautiful !

No.19 tho 👌👌👌😍

I like the navy one

Love every single one! Very classy. 😍


Omg this is so pretty I must have some skirts like these

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