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28 Stunning Little Black Dresses to round out Your Wardrobe ...

By Eliza

No closet is complete without a couple of little black dresses. They are ideal for occasions that range from a summer picnic to a black tie formal dinner. You can find them tons of styles and in all price ranges. That means you can own several little black dresses without breaking the bank. You'll be surprised at how often you rely on that dress to get you through many events. Here are some jaw dropping examples to get you excited.

Table of contents:

  1. Sheer on top
  2. Off the shoulder
  3. Strapless
  4. Black long maxi
  5. Short length with long sleeves
  6. Top it off
  7. Low cut
  8. Summer straps
  9. Twirly skirt
  10. Go for glamour
  11. Lacy and lovely
  12. Sheer middle
  13. Totally simple
  14. Short and tight
  15. Crossed over in the front
  16. Only one sleeve
  17. A touch of detail
  18. Low in the back
  19. Casual look
  20. Shift dress
  21. A girly bow
  22. Glammed up
  23. Cap sleeves
  24. Everything at once
  25. Show off some skin
  26. Asymmetrical hem
  27. Add some color
  28. Sparkly and fun

1 Sheer on Top

Via The Fact That This Dress ...
Some little black dresses leave something to the imagination. They are my favorite ones and this ones works just right.

2 Off the Shoulder

Via Sweetheart Neck Dress :: Dresses ...
This simple off the shoulder design is perfect for many parties.

3 Strapless

Via Sexy Short Lace Dresses - ...
Of course, you can never go wrong with a strapless black dress either.

4 Black Long Maxi

Via - fashfrenz Resources and ...
It might not be as little as some other black dresses, but who wouldn't want this hanging in their closet?

5 Short Length with Long Sleeves

You can get away with a shorter length if the dress covers more on top.

6 Top It off

Sometimes you just need to enhance your little black dress. This is cute, huh?

7 Low Cut

Via ASOS | ASOS Sexy Pencil ...
I love this dress because it's low cut, but not so dramatically that the wrong assets are hanging out all over the place.

8 Summer Straps

Via Fancy Temple
This looks like a retro and perfect choice for a summer party where you'll be outside.

9 Twirly Skirt

Via The most successful fashion, beauty ...
Indulge your love of a twirly skirt with this beautiful black dress. It looks great with the boots, don't you think?

10 Go for Glamour

Via Follow the curious bumblebee
This glamorous black dress is definitely on the top of my wish list. What about you?

11 Lacy and Lovely

Via Black See-through O-neck Long Sleeves ...
Give just a peek of skin with a see through lacy black dress.

12 Sheer Middle

Via Charming Short Little Black Dress ...
The sheer panel at the waistline of this dress almost looks like a belt. Do you like it?

13 Totally Simple

Via Celebrities - StyleBistro
There isn't a ton going on with this dress, but that's what makes it so stunning.

14 Short and Tight

Via Little Black Dress | ...
If you can pull off a short, tight black dress, I say go for it!

15 Crossed over in the Front

Via Naven Criss Cross Vixen Dress
You don't see this style too often, but it looks really good. Snap it up if you can find it.

16 Only One Sleeve

Via Black Dress / One Shoulder ...
The one sleeve look is pretty trendy right now and this dress shows off exactly why everyone loves it.

17 A Touch of Detail

Via Top 5
There isn't a ton of detail on this dress, but the subtle lace at the neckline and around the hem make it pretty awesome.

18 Low in the Back

Via Macy's - Shop Fashion Clothing ...
You can't deny how sexy a backless black dress it. Especially when it's combined with lace.

19 Casual Look

Via New arrivals – Esther Boutique
This little black dress would be great for a casual brunch or backyard barbecue. It looks fantastic with sandals.

20 Shift Dress

Via Modern Audrey Black Dress
I love this dress because it looks so comfortable, but can be dressed up as needed for any event.

21 A Girly Bow

Via 25 Flirty Bow Outfit Ideas ...
Choose a dress with a bow for a really feminine look. Just stay away from the ones that are really big.

22 Glammed up

Via 5 Lovely Trends from the ...
This glamorous black dress is appropriate for a fancy affair, but it would sure be fun to wear when you had the chance.

23 Cap Sleeves

Via Unique Vintage - Garden State ...
Cap sleeves are the perfect compromise between traditional sleeves and straps.

24 Everything at Once

Via Black Color V-Neck Backless Sleeveless ...
This dress has lace, a bow, a low back and sheer material, but it works.

25 Show off Some Skin

Via Rise Of Dawn - Sweet ...
This is the best little black dress if you plan to show off some skin.

26 Asymmetrical Hem

Via Black dress brown belt & ...
This dress is wonderful. The hemline that goes up in front is popular right now and allows you to be modest and sexy at the same time.

27 Add Some Color

Via Top 10 Best Inexpensive Black ...
There's nothing wrong with a little black dress that incorporates some color.

28 Sparkly and Fun

You can never go wrong with a black dress covered in shine and sparkle.

What does your little black dress look like? How many do you have? Do you see a new one here you must have?

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