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When I was in high school, I didn't always love shopping for outfits for school dances, but I really loved shopping for dresses for Prom. However, I could never find anything I liked at the stores, so I was always searching for inspiration and dresses that I loved on Pinterest. If you're like me and are constantly looking online for Prom dresses to fall in love with, you definitely will after you see this list!

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Flowing and Blush

wedding dress,dress,clothing,bridal clothing,gown, Source: bellethemagazine.com
Although we can only see the back of this dress, I think that both the color of this dress and the flowing train make this dress absolutely stunning.


Crystal Waterfall

dress,clothing,day dress,gown,bridal party dress, Source: Strapless Prom Gown with Beading
The gradient effect of the crystals on this dress turn a typical Prom dress into a stunning gown.


Classic and Sophisticated

dress,clothing,gown,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Source: Maxi Black Open back Lace
This dress is so different from the typical Prom dress. It has a gorgeous open back paired with long sleeves to create something you'd see on the red carpet!


Night Sky Gown

dress,clothing,gown,day dress,bridal party dress, Source: It looks like the night
I love the crystals paired against the deep blue shade of this dress make it look like it was created with a beautiful starry night in mind.


Floral Twist

wedding dress,dress,clothing,gown,bridal clothing, Source: Dress: sherri hill sherri hill
If you're looking for a twist on a classic prom dress, this is it. The floral inlay over the nude dress is simply beautiful.


A Navy Dress

dress,clothing,gown,cocktail dress,wedding dress, Source: Cute Black Sleeveless Sweetheart Column
It's not everyday that you see a navy dress at Prom, but how could you pass up this dress and its gorgeous detailing?


Short White and Blue Dress

dress,clothing,cocktail dress,sleeve,gown, Source: Lovely Short Tulle Round Neckline
I love white and blue together, and if you're looking for a short dress, you can't go wrong with this classy number!


Backless Champagne Dress

wedding dress,dress,clothing,gown,bridal clothing, Source: New Arrival Mermaid Sexy Backless
Are you looking for a dress with cut-outs that isn't too revealing? You can't wrong with this beautiful gown!


Gatsby Gown

dress,clothing,gown,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Source: .Anna E. @annaegiaz Completely in
This dress just screams vintage to me. It's like something you'd see in The Great Gatsby with a little bit of a modern flair.


Simply Beautiful Dress

wedding dress,dress,clothing,gown,bridal clothing, If you aren't one for lots of bling, this elegant and breathtaking dress is perfect for you.


Teal and Strapless Sweetheart

clothing,dress,wedding dress,woman,bridal party dress, Source: Elegant A-Line Chiffon Floor Sleeveless
I always thought that a sweetheart neckline was my go-to Prom look, so I'm especially fond of this teal number with glitzy accents.


Classy Cut-Outs

dress,clothing,gown,wedding dress,purple, Source: mermaid prom dresses, navy prom
If you want to vamp it up a little but aren't fond of typical Prom dresses, you may have your match with this beautiful black dress.


Cinderella Dress

wedding dress,dress,clothing,gown,bridal clothing, Source: Sherri HIll #11151
This dress reminds me of an updated Cinderella dress. It's like 2015 version of that classic dress. If you're looking for something with sleeves, a style like this is probably just what you're looking for.


Short and Sassy

clothing,dress,gown,cocktail dress,sleeve, Source: 50 Gorgeous Prom Dress Ideas
If you're looking for something short but still want to keep it sophisticated and elegant, this is the dress you should go for!


The Classic Prom Dress

wedding dress,clothing,dress,gown,bridal clothing, Source: suzhoudress.com
When you think of a Prom dress, this is probably the image that comes to your mind. It's form-fitting with cut-outs and gorgeous crystal accents- which is every girl's dream!


Beautiful Detailing

dress,clothing,wedding dress,gown,cocktail dress, Source: Dress: sherri hill prom gorgeous
I've seen a lot of Prom dresses, but I don't know if I've ever seen details as intricate or this beautiful on any other dress.


Neutral with Some Glitz

wedding dress,dress,gown,clothing,bridal clothing, Source: Gray Long Prom Dress Paillette
If you're not one for bright colors but like glittery accents, this is the perfect dress for you. It's a neutral silver color with beautiful crystals cascading down the dress.


Modest but Stunning

wedding dress,dress,clothing,gown,bridal clothing, You may be looking for a modest dress but are having trouble finding anything you truly love. That's where this beautiful, blush dress comes into the picture.


Grecian Beauty

clothing,dress,gown,sleeve,hairstyle, The sleeves of this dress remind me of a gorgeous Grecian dress and the navy blue adds a stunning touch.


Not Your Typical Dress

dress,wedding dress,clothing,bridal party dress,gown, Source: Elegant Natural Floor A-Line Bateau
I love that this isn't your typical Prom dress, but it kind of is. It has the beautiful pink color, the flowing bottom, and the glitz, but the neckline is so different from the Prom dresses we're used to.


Boho Inspiration

clothing,dress,wedding dress,gown,bridal clothing, Source: How To Boho: NEW BOHEMIAN
Not only do I love the lilac color of this dress, but the simple and almost hidden give it such a bohemian vibe.


Getting Sultry

dress,clothing,gown,cocktail dress,little black dress, Source: Tony Bowls 2351330
Not only is this black dress with gold glitter particularly saucy, but the slit just adds a little extra to this already beautiful look!


Chiffon with a Beaded Bodice

wedding dress,dress,clothing,day dress,gown, Source: Fit and Flare Chiffon Dress
This intricate beaded bodice is simply breathtaking.


A High Neckline with a High Slit

wedding dress,dress,clothing,bride,bridal clothing, Source: A-line High Neck Lace Bodice
I love the high neckline of this dress, but more than that, I love the slit that peaks through and shows a little bit of a short dress that matches the bodice!


Glitter Bomb

dress,clothing,gown,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Source: Prom Dresses - Cobbprom.com
If you really, seriously love glitter, this is the only dress you should consider. It has your name written all over it!

What's your Prom dress inspiration this year? Will you try to find any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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I wanted to add that I love AWS & appreciate its efforts to reach out to women of every age and every economic level.

#4 is magnificent! One one hand, some of these dresses (such as 6, 11, 13, 20) would be lovely for a prom. On the other hand, I wouldn't buy a dress like 12 or 15 for my teenager daughter because it would look like I was trying to sell her! On a third hand (just call me Shiva!) at least one of these dresses (22) is a ridiculous price: C'mon, $400 for a prom dress?! At this age girls need to learn frugality and how to manage money.

Most of these just don't seem like prom dresses... I agree with Beryl, these seem more like awards show dresses

Many if them are beautiful though... Just keep ur kid a kid for as long as u can!

Absolutely loved #4!!

I'm also 17 looking for prom dresses, i think the best ones are Sherri Hill dresses. Oh, also 24 is just dazzling!

When my daughter was in middle school her "friends" would all wear Victoria secret outfits and thongs, etc... I refused to buy them for my daughter and actually refused to let my daughter hang out with those girls.. She hated me, but 3 of the 4 girls wound up pregnant by 15! Phew... So, when j see These dresses it just gets me pissed!

Some of these are stunning. Not sure about the very short one though. And maybe most of them very sophisticated and not what I would expect a 17 or 18 to wear for a prom. Most would not look out of place at the Emmy Awards or such.

12,14,15,21 all seem very sluty, especially for a 17/18 yr old.. Wonder why there is so much promiscuity nowadays!

Maybe if the back was higher though because I like the front part and the fact that it's a mermaid

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