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7 Taylor Swift Inspired Items to Add to Your Wardrobe ...

By Holly

Now that 1989 has been released, you can admit that you need some Taylor Swift inspired items in your wardrobe. Not only is she an angelic singer, but she has an amazing fashion sense. She doesn't dress like everyone else in the industry, which makes her style worth paying attention to. Here are a few of the cutest Taylor Swift inspired items that you could add to your wardrobe:

1 High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted ShortsTaylor loves to wear crop tops, which is why it's useful to have high waisted shorts laying around. That way, you can wear a short top without showing off too much of your midriff. Of course, you can also wear longer shirts and tuck them into your shorts. Either way, this is one of the Taylor Swift inspired items that you need to purchase if you haven't done so already.

2 Red Lipstick

Red LipstickWhen you find the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone, you can wear it everywhere you go. Taylor can rock her red lipstick when she's going to the Grammys or when she's walking around the store. It doesn't matter if she's dressed fancily or casually, because her red lipstick goes everywhere with her.

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3 Floral Dress

Floral DressTaylor likes to appear nice and sweet, which is why floral patterns are perfect for her. They create a young, fresh look that makes her seem approachable. If you want to come across as a happy, sociable girl, steal this look. There are plenty of floral dresses and skirts out there for you to buy, so it shouldn't be hard to find something that's right for you.

4 Plaid Skirt

Plaid SkirtWearing plaid won't automatically make you look like a school girl. Taylor manages to come across as mature and professional by pairing her plaid skirt with black leggings and a matching shirt. It's all about how you put your outfit together, so make sure you think your ensemble through before you step out of the house wearing it.

5 Beanie

It's getting colder, so a few beanies will come in handy when you want to keep warm while looking as cute as can be. Taylor has a few different color hats so that she can match them to whatever outfit she's wearing. If you can find a good deal, then you should do the same. The more colors you own, the easier it'll be to put together an outfit in the morning.

6 Trench Coat

Trench CoatYou don't want to freeze, but you still want to look fashionable, which is why trench coats are the way to go. While most jackets hide your figure, trench coats can flatter your shape, even though you're all covered up.

7 Crop Top

Crop TopTaylor stays classy, no matter what she's wearing. She never shows off too much skin at a time, which is a great rule to live by. Since her long legs are showing, she has her chest covered and only a bit of her midriff visible. She knows how to rock any look.

Whether or not you rushed to buy 1989, you can admit that Taylor is a style icon. She's beautiful, and she knows how to show off her figure without wearing so little that she's uncomfortable. Have you listened to her new album yet? What's your favorite song on it?

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