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Although school's already in session, it's common to keep rolling out adorable back-to-school outfits for the first two months – you don't start getting bored and over it until sometime after Homecoming, right? So although you've likely already put together a fab look for your very first day back, you can still find tons of fun summer-to-fall inspiration for all your new back-to-school outfits. Let me know if you find a look you love, and if you're favorite type of ensemble isn't listed here, don't forget to share!

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Cool but Casual

clothing,footwear,jeans,denim,pattern, Via 15 Street Style Outfit Ideas ...

Striped top, skinny jeans, epic boots, a killer bag, and the right accessories – this is one of the most classic back-to-school outfits you'll find!


Love That Leather

clothing,jacket,leather,outerwear,leather jacket, Via shopstyle.com

A little leather can go a long way, especially in the first months of school. Are you stocked up with a leather jacket or some skinnies?


Summer Throwback

clothing,footwear,fashion,tights,jeans, Via sazan.me

If you're loathe to retire all your summer clothes, start mixing and matching! Fall is still a lovely time for neons!


Funky Flannel

clothing,jacket,pattern,outerwear,denim, Via StO-Style: Fashion Focus - Flannel

A little flannel will take you far in the fall.


The Layered Look

clothing,person,people,beauty,season, Via Outfits

You can never go wrong with a layered look, and you'll see many on this list. This outfit layers a cardigan and an infinity scarf over a graphic tee and leggings.



clothing,scarf,fashion accessory,outerwear,fashion, Via Laid back

Seriously, you can't go wrong with striped tops. Use a scarf to subtly mix your patterns.


Riding Pretty

clothing,footwear,jeans,tights,outerwear, Via Clothes Casual Outift for • ...

Loving this equestrian inspired look!


Dress for Success

clothing,pink,dress,outerwear,pattern, Via fineandfeathered.com

How cute is this little dress? The stockings and cardigans add some texture and color, helping to create an adorable vintage vibe.


Earthy Tones

clothing,outerwear,footwear,fur, Via Robyn Vilate

Who says earth tones aren't trendy?


Fun with Florals

jeans,clothing,denim,season,spring, Via 15 Hipster Fashion Trends That ...

Just because you're back in the classroom, it doesn't mean you can't bring some spring-inspired florals with you.


Simple Style

color,clothing,red,lady,beauty, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Tee shirt, sneakers, your favorite jeans, and some cool accessories – perfect!


Layered Shorts

clothing,footwear,jeans,denim,fashion, Via Beloved.

You can still get away with wearing your favorite summer shorts if you pair them with some distressed stockings.


Summery Style

hair,clothing,girl,hairstyle,blond, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Of course, you can always keep it short for those lingering warm days – enjoy them while they last!


Winter Ready

clothing,footwear,winter,outerwear,fashion, Via Follow Cella Jane

That being said, it's never too early to bust out the vests and high boots!


Go Demure

clothing,dress,sleeve,fashion,miniskirt, Via Soft Stripes :: Silk merlot ...

I love everything about this look, it's classic prep with just a touch of something demure.


Mix and Match

clothing,red,kilt,pattern,fashion, Via Womens | Abercrombie.com

I love the mix of flannel and lace, don't you?


Pretty in Prep

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,supermodel, Via Need a Back-to-School Outfit Idea

Here's another fantastically preppy outfit for school. I'm especially loving that collar and those boots!


Denim Cool

footwear,clothing,sneakers,fashion,spring, Via Style Cusp - Connecticut based ...

This is casual to the max, but still super stylish.



clothing,denim,jeans,pattern,footwear, Via Cute Pins: Clothes Casual Outift ...

A brightly printed top is always a winner in the classroom.


Color Mix

clothing,footwear,denim,winter,spring, Via Meredith

Choose an outfit that mixes unexpected colors – you don't necessarily have to wear something super bright to be an on-point fashionista.


Nice in Neutrals

clothing,denim,dress,fashion,footwear, Via what elle wears tuesday 4th ...

Don't forget, black and grey mix beautifully.


Warm Weather Style

white,clothing,footwear,lady,beauty, Via Need a Back-to-School Outfit Idea

There really are still going to be warm days, and a cute skirt with a lightweight top will still work in the fall.


Business Class

clothing,outerwear,fashion,leather,jacket, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Blazers are ideal at school – and no, you won't look like you're gearing up for a day at the office.


Layers and Prints

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,spring, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Ever think about wearing your belt over your cardigan?


Camo Cool

clothing,jeans,footwear,fashion,trousers, Via Home

From the boots to the leggings, this is perfection.


Cozy but Cool

clothing,outerwear,knitting,art,pattern, Via HELP! I LOVE THIS! on ...

Take note of both the baggy sweater and the textured tights.


Schoolgirl Sweet

clothing,pink,sleeve,jacket,outerwear, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

The coral, the lace, the coat!


Springtime Bright

clothing,blond,dress,pattern,miniskirt, Via Daily Chic | Daily Chic

Again, feel free to bring a touch of spring into your fall-ready back-to-school fashions!


Laid-back and Lovely

footwear,clothing,boot,shoe,hat, Via Fashion

You might have to take off the hat in class, but the stylishly sloppy sweater, worn jeans, and boots will still carry your ensemble.


Double Trouble

people,person,human positions,photography,sitting, Via Classy Girls Wear Pearls: A ...

Whether you go with the equestrian-inspired look or the pretty pastels, these are both on-point.


Simple and Sweet

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,spring,footwear, Via Women's Tops | UOIOnline.com: Women's ...

A colorful cardigan can pull together the simplest outfit.


Soft and Flowy

clothing,hairstyle,child,toddler,costume, Via NEW Floral Scarf Light Weight ...

Something like this is both comfortable and colorful.


Tribal Edge

clothing,dress,lady,fashion,tights, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Knee-highs and the jacket lend some serious edge to a pretty dress.


Even More Layering

clothing,footwear,lady,girl,beauty, Via Hair Cuff - Gold | ...

See? It always works!


Ballerina Pretty

clothing,dress,blond,costume,fashion accessory, Via sincerelyarizona: Maybe my favorite outfit ...

Don't be afraid to wear tulle to school, just offset it with flannel, or a denim jacket.


Too Cool for School

clothing,footwear,jeans,denim,spring, Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Need I say more?


Clueless Inspired

yellow,clothing,footwear,fashion,leg, Via My World: Blake Lively

It might be GG-inspired, but this is total Cher Horowitz.

So what are you wearing as you head back to school? Share some of your favorite outfits!

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Beautiful outfits all of them !!

What are you guys wearing for your first day of school??

Can wear half of these but they ARE cute outfits. I think I'll just stick with a green bomber sweater, black jeans, and vans high tops

I love this!!!

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