7 Pieces of Style Inspiration from Rising Stars ...

Sometimes, celebrities say really inspirational things. I think that when talking fashion, no one knows how to be more insightful than celebrities. They are the people that are completely torn apart just because they left the house in sweats, or something they wore on the red carpet doesn’t live up to expectations. If there’s anyone whose insights you should be listening to in the fashion world, these are the women you should listen to!

1. Grace Helbig

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While this quote doesn’t directly deal with fashion, Grace Helbig is actually in the process of writing a book all about style, so I think that this quote works perfectly when it comes to her own personal brand of fashion advice. A lot of times we feel pressured to be a certain type of girl, especially in terms of style, and she’s saying it’s okay not to be that person as long as we’re happy with who we are!

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