7 Plaid Fashion Items You Need in Your Closet Now ...

If you're looking to expand your closet, there are dozens of plaid fashion items that you can buy. You wouldn't want to wear them all at once and create a fashion disaster, but you can pick and choose which to wear at what point in time. That means the more items you have, the more fabulous outfits you can create. Here are some of the most gorgeous plaid fashion items out there that every single woman should have in her closet for the upcoming year:

1. Skirt

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Plaid skirts come in every length, color, and style imaginable. You can wear them with black leggings underneath, clear tights, or nothing at all. It's one of the plaid fashion items that you should definitely have hanging in your closet. You'll be thankful that you bought it, so don't hesitate to splurge a bit.

2. Leggings

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If you don't own any leggings, then you're missing out. They're about as comfortable as clothing gets. Plaid leggings can be worn beneath skirts, beneath long skirts, or as pajama pants. As soon as you see how cozy they are, you'll wear them as often as you can.

3. Crop Top

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When the weather gets warmer, you'll want a few crop tops to choose from. They're great to wear when you want to show off your toned stomach. If you haven't been exercising all that often, then you can still wear a crop top as long as you pair it with some high-waisted shorts. No matter how you put together your outfit, it's sure to be fabulous.

4. Dress

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Plaid dresses are always in style. You just have to find the right one for your body shape. You should also make sure that you get a color scheme that works well for you. You don't want your outfit to look like it's clashing, even if you bought it that way. As long as you pick the perfect one for you, you'll want to wear it all day, every day.

5. Scarf

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Plaid scarves are perfect for this time of year, because you can buy fashion scarves or heavy ones that are meant to keep you warm. Since plaid is such a popular pattern, it shouldn't be hard to find a scarf you're in love with.

6. Heels

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Your shoes don't have to be plain and boring. They can be the focus of your entire outfit when you buy a pattern that is exciting and loud enough. Plaid heels, flats, and even boots are fun to wear on any occasion. If you find any at a store near you, make sure to purchase them. You'll be sorry if you don't.

7. Purse

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If you're so obsessed with plaid that you want to wear it all the time, get a purse with the pattern. You can't wear the same plaid skirt every single day, but you can always carry around your plaid purse and no one will judge you for always using the same one. It's the perfect accessory.

Plaid is a great pattern, because it comes in so many different styles. You can't say that you hate the pattern, because there's bound to be a certain color combination that you'll end up loving. Do you own any plaid items or do you need to purchase your first one?

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