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7 Reasons to Wear Light Colors in the Winter ...

By Sugar

Wearing light colors in winter can be a tricky subject, and in fact colors in general tend have all these different clichés surrounding each of them that I just don’t really understand. As a New Yorker, I am blessed with four weather seasons and thus four fashion seasons, and wearing light colors in winter is frowned upon by so many. But who made my 70-year old neighbor the fashion police? There are many reasons to wear light colors in winter!

1 Brightening up Rainy Days

One unfortunate aspect of winter weather is the rain and snow. And for whatever reason, people feel the need to dress according to the weather which can be practical if you’re wearing rain or snow boots, but why not make those boot a bright and cheery orange or purple? Wearing bright colors on yucky days is said to have an effect on your mood throughout the day as well. Because what would you rather be, a girl with a polka dotted pink and green umbrella or one with a black one eager to hibernate all winter?

2 Wardrobe Variety

If you think about it, there are only a few dark and depressing colors out of the color rainbow available in stores. But there is a plethora of bright, light colors yearning to be worn on those snowy winter days. Some people I know wear black almost every day, but with the thousands of styles and trends out there who would want to limit themselves just to one color!? Especially in winter when you can layer up with so many different items.

3 Sex Appeal

It is said by ancient philosophers, that men find women most attractive on snowy white winter days while they are in a natural environment projecting a positive and uplifting persona. It is almost impossible to do this while wearing a dark brown; if anything you’ll blend in with the oak trees and your future soul mate will walk right by you! Beyond that, men love women in fiery hot reds and oranges, not blacks and browns like most people say.

4 Fabric Contrasts

When wearing a dark color, there are only so many color and fabric combinations available. And sometimes you can even end up doing your wardrobe a disservice if you buy 10 leather jackets instead of a few colorful suedes and leather ones. Also no one wants to see a solid black plaid shirt, in fact that can’t! Inject some color into those plaids and include some variation amongst those boring, manly leathers and you’ll be happy you did.

5 Standing out in the Crowd

Once in the middle of winter last year I was wearing a lacy black velvet top, (stupidly not following my own advice) at a house warming party and the lights were dim the entire time so barely anyone noticed the beautiful soft, silky velvet I thought I was wearing! In fact I looked like I was wearing a plain Jane black top. If that top happened to be lilac purple, I’m sure people would have noticed the unique fabric I had foolishly spent a fortune on.

6 Flaunt Your Femininity

So I’m not completely bashing dark colors, there is a time and place for everything, but it is undoubtedly accepted by fashionista’s out there that bright, cheery and feminine colors do not consists of earth tones, deep greens and browns. Why forcibly lock your feminine colors into the closet to hide all winter? Even if you are unique in the office with a pink blazer, you’ll stand out amongst the rest and that’s not always something to be ashamed of. Maybe that CFO on the third floor may finally strike up a conversation simply because he noticed your spunk shining through in your colorful outfit.

7 Modern Era Demands It

That old rule, no white before Labor Day, needs to be thrown out of the window with the rest of outdated fashion rules of the past. Wear white, green, blue, purple orange, yellow, red, and purple whenever you so choose… including during the cold winter months. Times and fashions are changing so why not be the captain of your own ship and not conform to what your rotten old neighbor says? Purple is a beautiful color so why not show it off even in winter.

Light colors in winter can do no wrong. If you wear cream based orange pants to work with a white lace top no one will say, "Are you going to a funeral today?" and snicker away. Colors are something everyone loves and can relate to. They are welcoming, warm and open and they give off positive vibes to people that you’re a friendly person, so why not be adventurous this winter season? Wear some color!

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