Lifesaving Cleavage Tips for Big Busted Babes of the World ...


Lifesaving Cleavage Tips for Big Busted Babes of the World ...
Lifesaving Cleavage Tips for Big Busted Babes of the World ...

Cleavage issues can be frustrating! I’ve had small breasts and not so small breasts and have come to determine it’s easier to deal with less than it is to deal with more. You can’t help that problems with cleavage happen but there’re things you can do to minimize it. Here’re 7 tips to help you avoid cleavage issues.

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Go for a Bra Fitting

One cause of cleavage issues is wearing the wrong size bra. If your bra is too small, it can cause your breasts to be pushed up over the top of the bra. Spillage is a definite cause of cleavage issues! If you haven’t had a bra fitting recently, get one ASAP. Not only will this prevent cleavage issues but it’ll make your clothes look better on you.


Place Your Breasts in Your Bra

You can have the right size bra and still have problems with extra cleavage if you aren’t careful. As silly as it sounds, there’s a right way and a wrong way to put your bra on. Oftentimes, we just do the snap, twist and go without giving much thought to how your breasts fit into your bra. Take the time to place your breasts in your bra. This gives you the best chance of a good fit and a polished look.

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Don’t Slouch

Good posture does so much for you. It prevents aches and pains, makes you look slimmer and gives the impression of confidence. Another thing good posture does is help with cleavage issues. This one tip makes a hute difference. When you slouch, your shoulders drop forward and you’re showing another inch or so of cleavage. So practice good posture ladies!

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Change Your T-Shirt Style

V-necks are a cute and sexy t-shirt style. But they can be a problem if you’re big breasted. This’s especially true if you’re short. I’m five-two and I have to be careful about cleavage showing more than I want it to. Consider changing to a crew neck or even a scoop neck tee. You might also want to look for tees with a less deep v-neck.

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Camis and Tanks Can Be Your Best Friend

Camis and tanks can transform your world if you struggle with cleavage issues. Most camis are fitted so they can easily be worn under almost any top. Many camis are also adjustable so you can wear them at exactly the level you need to tuck away your cleavage. And if you want to show a hint of cleavage, that’s doable too. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without camis and tanks as a layering piece!

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Let Safety Pins Help You out

If you’re wearing a wrap style dress or top, safety pins can be very helpful. You can even use them with a few other styles, too. All you have to do is carefully pin the top or dress a little closer together so less cleavage is seen. This tip is so helpful I’ve started stashing a safety pin in my wallet so I always have one close at hand. It’s saved the day on more than one occasion.

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Be Open to Different Styles than You Usually Wear

There’s always the option of trying different styles of tops and dresses than you usually wear. A button up is one option of dealing with cleavage. Halter tops that tie behind your neck are another. The halter neckline is in this summer and is showing up in tops and dresses everywhere. It allows you to tuck ‘the girls’ safely away without looking frumpy and you’re still showing skin with your shoulders and upper arms left free.

These’re 7 tricks you can use to deal with cleavage issues. Is cleavage a problem for you? How do you deal?

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It is quite simple wear a shirt that covers your breast EASY

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