Wonderful Tips to Disguise Your Muffin Top for Apple Shaped Ladies ...


Wonderful  Tips to Disguise Your Muffin Top for Apple Shaped Ladies ...
Wonderful  Tips to Disguise Your Muffin Top for Apple Shaped Ladies ...

Confession time: I have an apple shaped figure and I hate it! Therefore, I’ve had to learn some tricks to help me disguise the extra “fluff” in my mid-section. You can whittle your middle with these 7 tips to disguise your muffin top. No one will ever be the wiser that you don’t have a perfect figure.

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Fall in Love with Dolman Style Tops

clothing, purple, shoulder, sleeve, t shirt, I discovered this helpful hint quite by accident. A few years ago, I purchased a gray and maroon dolman style top. Every time I wore it, I got tons of compliments and I wondered why. One day I stood in front of a full-length mirror while wearing it and realized that my tummy had virtually disappeared! The flowy sleeves and banded waist that’s so common in dolman style tops hid it perfectly.


Go for Empire Waist Tops and Dresses

clothing, white, fashion model, joint, shoulder, If you’ve got an apple shaped body then you want to go for empire waist tops and dresses whenever they’re an option. They cut in at the thinnest part of your body, right under your breast, raising your waistline up so that any muffin top is camouflaged. They work with a bit of an optical illusion. They make it appear your waist is very thin. It can take a bit to get used to the cut of this style of clothing but once you do, you’ll never want to give up empire waist clothing.


Choose V-neck Tees to Lengthen Your Torso

eyebrow, beauty, black hair, long hair, girl, When you have an apple shaped body, you generally have long legs. Because your chest, waist and hips are sort of scrunched together, they can tend to be a little bigger than someone with more even proportions or someone with a longer torso. Round neck tees aren’t as flattering to apple shaped ladies as v-neck tees are. V-neck tees make your torso look longer and leaner which is the goal you’re going for. They draw the eye to see the vertical line of your body instead of seeing it horizontally.


Cold Shoulder Tops Are Your Friend

white, clothing, jeans, fashion model, shoulder, Cold shoulder tops are those that have cut outs in the shoulder. They’re quite flattering and very trendy this season. They’re also a great friend to those of us battling an apple shape. They pull attention to your lovely shoulders and away from your tummy. They make you feel attractive and a little sexy, too!


Avoid Clingy Fabrics like the Plague

white, dress, fashion model, cocktail dress, shoulder, If you’ve got a body that’s practically perfect then enjoy clothing that clings to your every curve. For the rest of us, it’s better to avoid it! Remember this: clothing that clings will show everything. That’s fine if you haven’t got any lumps and bumps but apple shapes usually have both! You can absolutely wear something that’s fitted but you want to stay away from the body-con clothing.


Don’t Count Patterns out

fashion model, fashion, leg, outerwear, girl, Sometimes patterns can feel overwhelming. It can feel like so much is going on at one time. But don’t count them out. They can be very helpful at hiding that little pooch that just won’t go away. Patterned clothing practically eliminates your muffin top all together.


Never Squeeze into Clothes That’re Too Small

fashion model, cocktail dress, human hair color, dress, photo shoot, It can be tempting to squeeze into clothing that’s snug just so you feel like you’re that size. And while you may fit into it, it may not give you the best finished look. Clothing that’s snug can actually make you look bigger than you are and none of us want that. Choose the size that truly fits you best. After all, no one but you knows the size on the label.

These tips can help you hide that muffin top so many apple shapes battle. Are you an apple shape? What’re your best tips for dressing this body shape?

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Where is this dress from?

This is so true, it doesn't do anything for a woman's curves, to ingratiate her figure in a more appealing way. Lines, designed to accentuate her curves, with material that isn't painted against her skin would be a better look.

We need tips and story like this for curvy women💋

Love 💕 my curves

Thanks 😊going to try both

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