Stay Stylish and Shaded from the Sun 7 Must-have Hats for Spring ...


Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to protect your precious skin from the sun. It'll help stop you getting lines for one thing! But keeping your skin shaded with a hat isn't just practical, it can also be very stylish. So be sensible AND stylish in one of these must-have hats for spring …

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Fedora A classic fedora guarantees a stylish look, and perfectly fills the gap between winter beanies and summer straw hats. It'll keep the sun off your face if it's getting warm, and keep the wind out if the weather's still a bit fresh. Choose a wine-colored fedora to lift your skin tone - and be sure to wear it at a jaunty angle!


Two-Tone Hat

Two-Tone Hat Here's a hat that's perfect for a special event, like a christening or going to the races. It would look beautiful worn with a floaty dress, as the style is very 1930s. A straw hat is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and always popular. So if the price of this hat is just a little too high for you, look for a straw hat with a wide ribbon trim, or buy a plain hat and add the ribbon yourself.


Knit Hat

Knit Hat If your spring is still rather wintry, then look for a knit hat like this one in baby blue. It's lightweight enough to be comfortable, and thick enough to keep you warm. The color is a lovely one too, and makes a change from the usual neutral colors of hats. It's also small enough to squash up and carry in your bag if the sun comes out.


Wide Brim Hat

Wide Brim Hat Hopefully the sun will be coming out regularly, and you'll need a cute hat like this one. This type of hat is a good choice if you want a lightweight one that you can squash in your bag (straw hats aren't squashable). It's made of man-made fibers, so you can fold it, but has the look of straw.


Embroidered Hat

Embroidered Hat The hefty price tag of this hat puts it out of most people's budget, but it's a great idea for a spring hat. The embroidery lifts a basic straw hat and puts it into a super-stylish league. You could bag yourself a simple straw hat, some embroidery thread, and create your own design.


Colorblock Hat

Colorblock Hat This colorblock hat looks like something Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn might have worn in the Sixties. You can just imagine them strolling stylishly along the Riviera wearing it. Jazz up a plain straw hat by cutting out some shapes from a fabric that won't fray and gluing them on.


Floral Baseball Cap

Floral Baseball Cap It seems that the baseball cap will never lose its popularity. However it's not a very stylish headgear choice! But here's a new twist that will put the baseball cap on the must-have list of every fashionista this spring. Wear a floral version and you instantly add a feminine touch to this masculine headgear.

So keep the sun off your face with a stylish new hat for spring. Hats are a very underrated accessory that add a very chic touch to your outfit. They needn't be expensive either, so you can afford to have several in your wardrobe. What is your must-have accessory this spring?

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Love hat's don't wear them because don't feel that I look good in them, love them on other people

#5 is not cute but rather tacky. Some of the others are cute though.

Would someone really ever wear these except at a beach?

#4 and 7

#1and 7

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