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23 Playsuits to Help Switch up Your Style This Spring ...

By Teresa

Although it took me a while to come around to, playsuits are definitely a trend that is here to stay! If you're looking to shake up your spring and summer style, there's nothing better to try out than a fun and different playsuit, and this list will give you inspiration to try one out!

Table of contents:

  1. Black and white aztec
  2. Wide stripes
  3. Light blue romper
  4. Muted colors
  5. Light peach playsuit
  6. Coral and details
  7. Periwinkle and pink
  8. Dark floral
  9. Clean, white look
  10. Nina dobrev's mediterranean look
  11. Girly floral
  12. White linen playsuit
  13. Straight out of a painting
  14. Tie-dye playsuit
  15. Floral lace
  16. Hot pink spaghetti strap playsuit
  17. Chic but comfortable
  18. Less can be more
  19. Laser-cut trend
  20. Neon and black contrast
  21. Greece in a playsuit
  22. Retro polka dots
  23. White backless romper

1 Black and White Aztec

Source: A 072209 y Hit color
I love aztec print, especially in the spring, but sometimes bright colored aztec print can feel like too much, so this monochromatic aztec print is perfect!

2 Wide Stripes

Source: Dresses - Shop now from
This wider pinstripe is so classy and beautiful.

3 Light Blue Romper

Source: Southern Curls & Pearls: Instagram
This playsuit is gorgeous, and the pastel blue color is so perfect for spring!

4 Muted Colors

Spring is the time for tons of color, but if color isn't really your thing, this romper with little pops of color is perfect for you!

5 Light Peach Playsuit

If you just got back from a tropical spring break destination, show your tan off with a lighter playsuit!

6 Coral and Details

Source: Playsuits - Shop by Product
Coral is my personal go-to color for spring, but the details on the romper make it an even more gorgeous outfit choice for spring!

7 Periwinkle and Pink

If you love the look of Lily Pulitzer but not the price tag, this fun and colorful playsuit may just be the perfect inspiration for you!

8 Dark Floral

Source: lace and locks blog, petite
Flowers are in full bloom in the spring, but if you're not a person who runs for the bright florals, this darker, more muted floral is the perfect springtime option for your closet!

9 Clean, White Look

Source: Bandeau Skort Playsuit
A crisp, white outfit like this is perfect for spring, and the sleek geometric lines on this playsuit reminds me of something chic that Taylor Swift would wear!

10 Nina Dobrev's Mediterranean Look

Source: miss karly ann
Leave it to Nina Dobrev to look perfectly put-together for spring with her Mediterranean-inspired playsuit and lighter hair.

11 Girly Floral

Source: The Ultimate Roundup Of Olivia
There's just something about this floral print that screams Easter and spring to me. I think it's just so beautiful!

12 White Linen Playsuit

Source: Spell & The Gypsy Collective
I especially love this white, linen playsuit because it can easily be worn as a playsuit during the spring, but as you transition into summer, you can wear it as a cover-up over your bathing suit!

13 Straight out of a Painting

Source: "Floral Pom Pom" OnePiece Playsuit
I'm not the only person who thinks that this print looks like it came straight from a canvas, right? It looks like something someone painted and then transferred onto this gorgeous playsuit!

14 Tie-Dye Playsuit

Source: Exposure Pom Pom Playsuit
This tie-dye effect is so fun and playful for spring, and the contrast of the dark pom-poms tones everything down a little bit for those spring months!

15 Floral Lace

Source: Rory Playsuit- white playsuit with
It's not every day that you see floral and lace paired together, and because these are two classic spring trends, you can't help but try them out together this spring!

16 Hot Pink Spaghetti Strap Playsuit

Source: Pink Spaghetti Strap Chiffon Twisted
This bright playsuit makes me so excited for warmer weather! Can't you just feel the sun and warmth?

17 Chic but Comfortable

Source: Cairo Playsuit | SABO SKIRT
Okay, so yes, this is a chic playsuit, but isn't it also something that you'd love to sleep in? I don't know if I'd rather go out for a night on the town in this or take a nap! Both sound appealing to me!

18 Less Can Be More

I love floral as much as the next person, but sometimes I worry that it can be overpowering the rest of my look. This seems like the perfect solution to that concern!

19 Laser-Cut Trend

Source: FRIEND IN FASHION by Jasmin
If you're looking to test the waters of the laser-cut trend but don't know where to start, start with something simple like this romper!

20 Neon and Black Contrast

Source: Fluorescent Orange Cut Out Sleeveless
The neon and black contrast of this outfit is stunning, and quite honestly, reminds me of a Triangl bathing suit in playsuit form!

21 Greece in a Playsuit

Source: Womens
If you can't afford a vacation to Greece this spring, (who can?) dress like you're there and wear this beautiful white and blue Grecian ensemble!

22 Retro Polka Dots

Source: vacationers ☀☀ / Steffys Pros
Not only is this denim polka dot playsuit adorable, but the straw hat adds another retro touch!

23 White Backless Romper

Source: Jump around… | Wishful Thinking
This beautiful off-white romper is perfect for your next tropical vacation. It'd pair perfectly with a tan, and the V-shape in the back just reminds me of a vacation!

Are you inspired by these playsuits for your own spring wardrobe? Let me know what you think!

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