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These 36 Photos Prove You've Got to Wear a Midi Skirt This Spring ...

By Jennifer

One of the hottest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015 is the modest midi skirt, and these streetstyle photos are all the proof you need that you've got to add one (or one dozen) to your wardrobe, stat.

1 Soft Peach + White

clothing,dress,woman,wedding dress,bridal clothing,Source: 50 Great New Looks For

2 White + Chambray

clothing,footwear,denim,spring,fashion,Source: Spring Lookbook – Simple outfit

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3 Crisp Black + White

clothing,dress,little black dress,sleeve,outerwear,Source: Super-Hot Date-Night Outfit Ideas

4 Navy Crinkle with Chevron Top

clothing,yellow,dress,spring,footwear,Source: 40 Must Have Skirts In

5 Fun with Fuschia

pink,dress,clothing,blue,purple,Source: 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits

6 Yards of Pink Tulle

clothing,dress,fashion,footwear,spring,Source: 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits

7 With a Matching Scarf

clothing,dress,abdomen,fashion,spring,Source: ONE little MOMMA: What I

8 Marvelous Mint Midi

clothing,dress,woman,wedding dress,bridal clothing,Source: 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits

9 Pleated Burgundy

clothing,sleeve,pattern,outerwear,design,Source: 4 Fab Ways to Wear

10 Polka Dottie!

clothing,polka dot,pattern,pink,design,Source: White Polka Dot Skater Skirt

11 With a Denim Jacket

clothing,dress,pattern,spring,fashion,Source: Midi Skirt - Your Fall

12 Small Dots

clothing,pattern,polka dot,dress,design,Source: Designer Inspired Large Round Circle

13 Full and Fabulous

clothing,pink,dress,outerwear,pattern,Source: 25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits

14 With Flats

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,pattern,Source: Fashion Advantages of Being Tall

15 Shiny Luxe Fabric

clothing,blue,dress,pattern,spring,Source: Elle Apparel: FALL ESSENTIALS

16 Beautiful Burgundy

clothing,red,dress,pink,outerwear,Source: Modest knee length midi berry

17 Neon Yellow!

clothing,yellow,dress,green,bridal party dress,Source: Neon A-line Midi Skirt

18 Thick Waistband

red,clothing,dress,spring,fashion,Source: CON DOS TACONES: RED MIDI

19 Black Rose Print

white,clothing,dress,sleeve,wedding dress,Source: Pink Rose in Black Print

20 Fun Floral

clothing,pink,dress,spring,fashion,Source: Summer trends in the style

21 Very Vintage

clothing,red,dress,pink,spring,Source: L'armadio del delitto - blog

22 Swish!

clothing,dress,photography,beauty,fashion,Source: The Hunt - Style &

23 Pink Pleats

color,pink,white,clothing,red,Source: Упс… В июле 31 день

24 Tiny Floral Print

clothing,dress,sleeve,fashion,hairstyle,Source: Deer Circus: killin' it

25 Paint Splatter

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,footwear,Source: The Best Street Style Moments

26 Polka Dot Midi + Chambray

clothing,winter,pattern,season,spring,Source: Polka Dot Midi Skirt and

27 With a Crop Top

clothing,red,dress,fashion,spring,Source: Our Epic Roundup Of Street

28 Pencil Midi

clothing,green,dress,fashion,spring,Source: How to Wear a Midi

29 Mint Skirt with Bright Red Heels

clothing,red,dress,lady,costume,Source: 16 Outfit Ideas With A

30 Box Pleats

woman,wedding dress,clothing,dress,bridal clothing,Source: My Silk Fairytale: Pink Blossom

31 Casual on Top

National Geographic,color,red,clothing,pink,Source: 4 Fab Ways to Wear

32 Feminine Floral

clothing,pink,yellow,dress,spring,Source: lace and locks blog, petite

33 Monochrome


34 Neutral Midi with a Color Pop

white,clothing,blue,dress,sleeve,Source: Lucky’s Five Favorite Looks Of

35 With a Graphic Tee

The Beatles,black,clothing,red,dress,Source: abbey road faker. / Steffys

36 Fancy + Formal

clothing,dress,yellow,pattern,sleeve,Source: Stripe a Pose Striped Skirt

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