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Spring is a time where a lot of people will completely update their wardrobe. It’s a time for new beginnings and spring-cleaning, so what’s a better time of the year to get a new wardrobe than the spring, after you’ve donated all of your old clothes and are looking to update your style. If you’re looking for some new clothes this spring, this checklist will help keep you on track when you’re overwhelmed and trying to buy a new spring wardrobe this year!

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Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans There’s something about spring that inspires me to throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans with a pair of colorful sneakers or ballet flats immediately after the weather starts warming up. It’s such an easy way to look casual and put-together whether you’re shopping with your friends or going out to brunch!


Colorful Cropped Pants

Colorful Cropped Pants As much as I love boyfriend jeans, I think I love colorful cropped pants even more, especially in the spring. The second the weather starts warming up, I’m reaching for any and all colors that I can wear, and cropped pants are no exception. I think that they’re so flattering, but beyond that, they’re easy to pair with a variety of different tops because you can simply call it “color-blocking!”


A Light Scarf

A Light Scarf Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to scarves. Sometimes scarves are a much better method of staying warm than coats are, especially in the spring. If you really don’t want to bring a sweater or light jacket around with you, a scarf is an easy compromise!


Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses

Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses Am I the only one who tends to forget about sunglasses in the spring? I’m all over them in the summer, but I guess that in the spring I forget I need them after a dreary winter. A pair of sunglasses absolutely needs to be on your spring essentials checklist!


Boat Neck T-Shirts

Boat Neck T-Shirts I love a good, striped boat neck t-shirt in the spring. They pair easily with cropped ankle pants and are an easy way to look chic and put-together no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. When I’m in need of a cute outfit but I’m in a rush, I reach for a boat neck tee, especially in the spring!


A Midi Skirt

A Midi Skirt When I think of spring, I think of flowy outfits and bright colors. What’s better than a midi skirt when you’re looking for something that fits under both of those categories? Midi skirts are so on trend this spring, so make the most of it while they’re still in style!


A Simple Blazer

A Simple Blazer Blazers are perfect for spring whether you’re wearing it to a job interview, graduation, or just on Easter morning. No matter when you wear it, it’s a perfect way to add something new to an outfit you’ve worn so much that you’re sick of it!

What’s on your list of spring essentials? I think that I’m going to go put this list to good use and get started on my own spring essentials shopping spree! I think I need just about all of these spring essentials! Do you need any of these? Let me know what you’re thinking about buying this spring in the comments!

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No matter what I try, I've never been able to look good in boyfriend jeans.

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