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7 Style-Savvy Stores for plus Size Fashion ...

By Lyndsie

There are many more stores for plus size fashion than they're used to be. The best part is that they're more versatile as well, both in terms of fashion and location. For instance, many of the stores I've featured have both online shops and brick-and-mortar locations, while others work exclusively over the internet. Regardless, the stores for plus size fashion available today offer a mix of everything from classic, timeless pieces to trendy choices. There are also options for every budget, so to all my curvy sisters, here's a call to arms to start shopping!

1 Torrid

Torrid wasn't always one of my favorite stores for plus size fashion. There was a time when they took after their Hot Topic cousin a little too much. That was great when I was going through my romantic goth phase, but not so much when I outgrew it. Now it's certainly a top trend store, but you'll also find lots of pieces that will last you for ages. For every on-trend graphic tee or off-shoulder top, you'll find a blazer or a pair of jeans you'll wear for years to come.

2 Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is always a go-to choice for plus size fashions. It's a little more expensive, unless you catch an online sale or browse the in-store clearance section at the right time, but you're also paying for quality. Although you can find trends and casual options here, it's also a great place to find polished, professional looks and stunning evening wear outfits. The only downside is how frequently they change up the roster, especially in regard to their dress pants, but I love their current denim selections and Cacique bras are some of the best!

3 Modcloth

If you're a retro girl with a love of vintage fashions, you can't beat Modcloth. I adore this store, and their size ranges are impressive. From cute cardigans to vintage dresses and ravishing retro swimwear, you'll find a look that works for you. The best part is that your looks are nearly one-of-a-kind, plus the style team also offers fantastic advice about what to wear with whatever you buy.


ASOS has a really impressive line of plus sizes as well, within the ASOS Curve line. The pieces run the gamut between trendy and timeless, so you'll be able to find clothing for any occasion. Prices range between super affordable and a little high as well, so you're likely to find plenty of mid-range prices. Piece of advice? Make sure you stock up on complementary accessories for all the clothes you buy!


IGIGI is absolutely gorgeous. I'll fully admit the clothes are a bit more expensive, but the quality is well worth it. While there are plenty of casual and every day options, I shop at IGIGI whenever I need something a bit fancy. The dresses, skirts, and menswear inspired looks are absolutely stunning, and they'll stand you in good stead for years.

6 Old Navy

On the affordable end of the spectrum is Old Navy. You'll mainly have to shop online to take advantage of their plus size offerings, but that means you get to use coupon codes, so everybody wins! I don't typically buy jeans or swimwear from here, but come summer, I always stock up on dresses and lightweight tops and cardigans – everything I bought last summer is still in flawless condition.

7 The Avenue

I love The Avenue when I want something cool and edgy. It's kind of like Torrid, at least in terms of trendier options, but the prices are much more affordable. This is also a wonderful place to find lingerie and office attire that fits the dress code but still makes you feel drop dead gorgeous.

I've gotten clothes from all these stores, and loved them all. Some of my favorite pieces have come from Torrid (although only in recent years), and I still have items from Lane Bryant left over from high school and college – in perfect condition, no less! Do you have a favorite plus size shop? What's the best thing you've ever found there?

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