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When it comes to tips for wearing the boxy jacket, proportion is the key. Boxy and oversized silhouettes have been trending for some time now but they’re not always the most flattering. The boxy jacket can be especially tricky to pull off. However, with a bit of styling know-how, you can be rocking this trend in no time at all. Take a look at our top tips for wearing the boxy jacket.

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Keep It Cropped

Keep It Cropped The boxy jacket can be quite an overwhelming silhouette. One of the big tips for wearing the boxy jacket is to get the right cut and fit. While a long boxy jacket might work on the runways, this doesn’t always translate well into real life. For most of us, a cropped boxy jacket is where it’s at. They’re the most flattering and versatile styles for an everyday wardrobe.


Define the Waist

Define the Waist Defining your waistline is one way to stop the boxy jacket from appearing too bulky. Cropped jackets are great for this as they draw attention to your waist line and can make them appear more defined. If your boxy jacket hits below the waist, try wearing them with dresses that have flattering fit and flare designs or with high-waisted bottoms.


Wear with Fitted Bottoms

Wear with Fitted Bottoms Balance out oversized and boxy jackets with fitted bottoms. When wearing boxy jackets, skinny jeans and cigarette trousers are generally a good choice. Avoid anything overly voluminous or slouchy as they can overwhelm your figure. Tailored shorts are another great option and if you can make the pencil skirt work then go for it!


Streamline Your Layers

Streamline Your Layers When teaming a boxy jacket with skinny jeans or trousers, wear them with longer tops that hang below the jacket. Longline tops have a tendency to balance out the boxy shape of the jacket as well as softening your overall look. This creates a more flattering streamlined appearance that makes the boxy jacket seem much less so.


Play with Proportion

Play with Proportion While fitted bottoms are generally your best bet, that doesn’t mean that you have to rule out fuller trousers and skirts entirely. Just how boxy your jacket is can determine just what you wear with it. For example, you could get away with wearing fuller skirts with more fitted boxy jackets as they tend to balance each other out.


Manage Your Prints

Manage Your Prints If your boxy jacket comes in an eye-catching print then keep the rest of your outfit fairly basic. Boxy jackets are quite statement-making already and in a bold print they are doubly so. Aim for a streamlined look and either keep the rest of your outfit fairly monochrome or at least in similar shades. Teaming a printed jacket with solids ensures that it remains the focal point of your outfit.


Oversized Accessories

Oversized Accessories Managing your accessories is another key tip for styling a boxy jacket. Avoid teaming a boxy jacket with petite handbags as a small handbag can make your boxy jacket more pronounced. Instead, balance it out with a large tote or oversized handbag. When it comes to jewellery, avoid any statement necklaces as they bring too much attention to the top half of your body and it will look like there’s too much going on with the top half of your outfit.

Styling your boxy jacket comes down to a balancing act of proportions. These are just a few tips to consider when styling a boxy jacket. Are you a fan of the boxy jacket? Do you have any style advice for how to make this trend work?

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Have the cutest light grey & white lace one!!! Can't wear to wear it!!

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