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7 Stylish Items for the Office ...

By Lyndsie

Items for the Office can be stylish without sacrificing any professionalism. Mind, when I talk about items for the office, I'm talking about fashion, I'm talking about professional chic. Just because you're working all day doesn't mean you can look incredible. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, your work improves. Total logic, right? Right! So check out these mega stylish items for the office and be prepared to add some pieces to your wardrobe!

1 Black Heels

Black HeelsPrice: $99.00 at
Basic black heels are the most stylish items for the office you can have. You might have lots of pairs, but you need at least one. They don't need to be killer heels, and it's better if they don't have a ton of bells and whistles. You can find heels that are classic, simple, and stylish without being at all boring.

2 A Colorful Skirt

A Colorful SkirtPrice: $42.99 at
Bright, right? But that's okay! You don't have to be drab and dull at the office, it's okay to dazzle. The key is moderation. If you choose a bright red, like this, or yellow, orange, or blue, keep it simple. Stay away from patterns and make the rest of your outfit more subdued.

3 A Dainty Blouse

A Dainty BlousePrice: $66.00 at
This kind of shirt is a necessity. It's one of the most stylish items for the office you'll ever find. It fits under cardigans and suit jackets, looks great with skirts or dress pants, and it can be worn on its own. It's pretty, feminine, and simple – the perfect choice!

4 A Pencil Skirt

A Pencil SkirtPrice: $80.00 at
A pencil skirt can take you far and add loads to your wardrobe. Because the pencil skirt is such a versatile piece, you can mix and match it with just about anything. It's good to have at least one in a pattern, like this gorgeous boucle, and then one or two in solid colors, like black, charcoal, or navy.

5 Beige Pumps

Beige PumpsPrice: $49.00 at
I know, I know, beige seems like the most boring shade ever, but as it happens, a pair of nude or beige pumps can really make an outfit pop. It is because these are neutral that they are fashionable items for the office. This way, you have simple but still cute shoes that can add to the right outfit, rather than detracting from it.

6 A Suit Coat

A Suit CoatPrice: $159.90 at
Every working woman needs a suit coat. Actually, you should have several. Even if you work in a more casual setting, occasions will always arise where you need one. Don't go for anything too plain, it's not necessary. Choosing a jacket like this, with something to make it stand out, is perfectly fine, because it's pretty but still totally professional.

7 A Classy but Casual Dress

A Classy but Casual DressPrice: $54.99 at
Now all you need is a dress! Something casual, feminine, and not too busy is a good choice. Some ruffles, patterns, and accents are okay, as you can see. Just make sure it mixes with other pieces in your wardrobe, like cardigans and suit coats.

Stylish items for the office don't cost a lot, it doesn't take a lot of effort to get them, but they can instantly spruce up your wardrobe all the same. All you need are a few classic items for the office, and it will actually be like having a whole new set of clothes. So many of these pieces can be worn with many other things, so by buying fashionable items for the office, you're doubling your outfit choices. What's the coolest outfit you've ever worn to the office?

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