Add These Capes to Your Fall Wardrobe Right Now ...

By Teresa

Capes are, without a doubt, the biggest fashion trend this fall. They’re so dramatic and stunning. I love how they add so much depth to a look without even really having to put an outfit together. Wearing one is such an easy fix to all of your biggest fashion woes. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your least favorite outfits, these capes will definitely have you drooling!

1 Fall Plaid

Fall Plaid
I love the fall tones in this plaid cape! The oranges and neutrals make it the perfect cape to wear in the fall, which is especially great, because the biggest trend of the fall is capes! This would look great paired with a cream sweater or shirt and your favorite pair of jeans!

2 Gray and White Aztec Cape

Gray and White Aztec Cape
If Aztec print is right up your alley, you’ll definitely love this gorgeous gray and white Aztec print cape. The colors are perfect for both fall and winter, plus the style is what really makes this outfit. Its shape means that it can easily be dressed up or down. Whether you want to wear it to work with a pencil skirt or you wear it with a pair of jeans, this is a gorgeous cape for dressing up or down!

3 Black and White Plaid Cape

Black and White Plaid Cape
I love a thicker plaid like this. In my opinion, there’s something that looks so expensive about a plaid that’s stripes are thicker. Even if you only spend a couple of bucks on this (that’s basically what this little number costs!) you’ll look like you spent a fortune putting this outfit together.

4 Tartan Plaid

Tartan Plaid
Lately I’ve been so obsessed with tartan plaid, and I know that I’m not the only one. I’d go so far as to say that tartan plaid is one of the biggest trends this fall. This poncho cape would like great with your favorite pair of black skinny jeans, or even just a pair of leggings if you’re going for a comfortable yet stylish look!

5 Striped Cape

Striped Cape
Usually, when capes have patterns on them, it’s plaid. Capes and plaid are the two of the biggest trends of the season. I think that’s why this striped cape stands out so much. I especially love the colors in this cape for winter, but I think it’d make a great cape for fall as well! The stripes are just chunky enough that you could pull off a classic or boho look with this cute cape!

6 Knit Red and White Cape

Knit Red and White Cape
There’s something about this cape that just screams Christmas to me! Don’t you agree? I love the red paired next to the off-white. It feels so rustic, like we’re celebrating Christmas on a farm. Plus the tassels, this is a cape that I definitely want to wear this Christmas!

7 Cascade Cardigan

Cascade Cardigan
This cardigan cape is so unique that you can’t help but fall in love. I love how the cascade effect makes it look just a little bit different from your typical cape, but the colors make it work no matter the time of the year. The model’s pairing with the red blouse is also so cute! I love the contrast!

What’s your favorite cape? Will you check any of these out? Let me know in the comments!

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