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24 Tacky Sweaters Guaranteed to Shine at Any Ugly Sweater Party ...

By Sheila

The holiday season is here and you know what that means...ugly sweater parties! Yay! 'Tis the season to be jolly and tacky after all. So here are some tacky sweaters that are perfect for any ugly sweater party. You can thank me later.

1 Deranged Pug

Deranged PugVia 30 of the Tackiest Christmas ...

Pugs are usually adorable but this one gives me the heebie-jeebies!

2 Poor Snowman

Poor SnowmanVia Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Bad doggy!


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3 Mustache Sweater!

Mustache Sweater!Via Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Staching ...

I'm a sucker for all things mustache and this would be perfect for an ugly sweater party!

4 Oh-so-tacky!

Oh-so-tacky!Via Cheap Ugly Homemade Christmas Sweater ...

Wow. I'm speechless!

5 Light Me up

Light Me upVia 35 Ugly Sweaters Ready for ...

I can somehow see Katy Perry wearing this (and rocking it!)

6 Wait for It....

Via 30 of the Tackiest Christmas ...

At first glance, it seems like a regular sweater right? Wrong! The fireplace in the middle flickers and is actually on an iPhone screen that’s held in place by a secret pouch. Mind blown!

7 (S)NO-man!

(S)NO-man!Via How to Make an Ugly ...

I used to love snowmen before this.

8 Stick Your Tongues out

Via An UGLY Sweater with "A ...

I love this!

9 Say Yes to Stockings

Via 35 Ugly Sweaters Ready for ...

At least she looks happy!

10 So Wrong, It's Right!

Via 16 Christmas Sweaters That Are ...

I could totally see Lady Gaga in this!

11 Oh Christmas Tree!

Via 22 Ugly christmas sweater party ...

This is pretty awesome. Tacky but awesome!

12 We Wish You a Hairy Christmas!

We Wish You a Hairy Christmas!Via 30 of the Tackiest Christmas ...

That's it, I'm going to have nightmares tonight!

13 Joyous Christmas!

Joyous Christmas!Via Cute Flirty Feel the Joy ...

Breasts do bring people a lot of joy, so....

14 The Perfect Hairdo

Via 11 Holiday Hairstyles Sure To ...

Okay, how adorable is this!

15 Vomiting Reindeer

Vomiting ReindeerVia Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...

Looks like someone partyed way too hard last night.

16 More Reindeers

Via Ugly Christmas Reindeer Head Ready ...

Okay, this is very creepy!

17 Say It with a Tie Tree

Via iLoveToCreate Blog: 4 Ways to ...

What's tackier than one holiday tie? Many holiday themed ties on a sweater!

19 Going All out

Via HeatherLaslo on Instagram: “UGLY SWEATER ...

This is all kinds of tack-ulous!

20 A Headband!

Via Ornament Headband - in-lala-land

Your ugly sweater party outfit is incomplete without an ugly headband.

22 OTTT!


I thought the previous one was insane but this wins everything!

23 Christmas Tree

Via The

Because nothing says it's Christmas like an ugly Christmas tree sweater.

24 Couple Sweaters

Couple SweatersVia How to Make an Ugly ...

Because two is better than one!

You've got to love the creativity that has gone into creating some of these. Which was your favorite tacky sweater and what will you be wearing to your ugly sweater party?

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