The Best Bikini Based on Your Body Shape ...


The Best Bikini Based on Your Body Shape  ...
The Best Bikini Based on Your Body Shape  ...

Bikinis come in so many different styles, colours and cuts to suit lots of different body shapes that women have! It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so sometimes it may take a while to choose one that feels right and makes you feel as beautiful as you are!

Knowing the ideal bikini for your body shape can make you feel much more confident and is sure to do your body justice!

Enjoy the experience when you next go bikini shopping and think of it as a bit of self-pampering!

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Apple body shapes generally have a fullness around their middle. So for bikinis, you want to draw attention to the lower half of your body since you tend to be larger in the bust area.

Try to avoid bandeau or boob-tube styled tops to prevent any accidental slips (there's a good chance this will happen!) - these bikini tops generally don't provide much support. Try to stick to plain tops in simple styles and minimal patterns.

Instead, look for styles that offer more support such as halter-necks, underwire and/or padding. Also look for one-pieces as these will really accentuate your natural curves.

For bottoms opt for any with sequins, patterns, embellishments or frills are great ways of drawing attention to your lower half.


Pear / Triangle

Pear or triangle is one of the most common body types for women, which is when you're smaller around the top half and wider at your lower half. For bikinis, you want to create interest in your top half and minimise attention from the waist down.

You should opt for bikini tops with any kind of embellishments whether that's ruching, chains, sequins or a bandeau style. Ruching is really good for creating the illusion of a much fuller bust which pear-shaped typically lack. On the other hand, frills on a bikini top create the illusion of heaviness - also good!

If you're a bit self-conscious about your lower half (hips and/or bum) opt for bikini bottoms with thin and/or tie sides. Avoid patterns, beading or any other kind of embellishment as these will only attract attention to this area of your body!


Rectangle / Ruler

Rectangle body shapes tend to be quite up-and-down with minimal curves and definition. So it makes sense that when it comes to bikinis you want to create the illusion of curves to your body!

Opt for one-pieces with cut-outs around the sides (especially near the waist area) as these will make your body appear curvaceous and similar to an hourglass figure.

Feel free to use prints and patterns, mix and match your bikini top and bottoms too! It's all about drawing as much attention to your entire body as possible (not just to one half like a few of the other body shapes).

Again, if you have a larger bust look for tops with underwire and/or padding which will provide more support and lift. For bottoms, look for all those same embellishments and details mentioned above!



Hourglass body shapes are pretty evenly balanced between the top and bottom half of your body and often with a small waist.

Opt for full bikini sets that match or correspond in terms of pattern, colour and style (try to avoid mixing and matching with others), and a good way to do this is to simply keep your bikinis in sets or pairs. This technique will maintain the balance that your body has naturally.


Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle is directly opposite to a pear and/or normal triangle. You tend to be top-heavy so for bikinis the idea is to draw attention away from your top half and towards your bottom half.

Similar advice to the apple body shape applies here. Look for simple styled tops with lots of support provided and make your bikini bottom patterned, printed or with any kind of embellishment or ruching!



Although not really a body shape, 'petite' is a body type so this one should definitely be included! Being very petite myself, I know it can be tricky to find the right kinds of bikinis for this body type.

You basically want to find a bikini that's going to make you look taller and avoid anything that will do the opposite. So a good start is to look for styles that are labelled 'petite' as these will be tailored to your smaller body proportions.

Avoid any tops or bottoms with thick straps or heaps of coverage as these tend to hide your body and the amount of fabric may look overwhelming on a small frame. Instead opt for styles with thin straps, bottoms with tie sides or cut-outs along the sides.

If you have a smaller bust and feel self-conscious about exposing this area in a typical triangle shaped bikini top, a good tip is to opt for a halter-neck style that usually starts at the bottom of your neck and covers the bust area.



Like petite girls, tall girls may also find it tricky to find a good style of bikini that will do them justice! You should look for ones that are labelled 'tall' which can be a huge help and also tailored to your taller proportions.

If you're self-conscious about your height and you don't want to appear as tall as you actually are, one-pieces are the way to go! They won't expose as much skin as bikinis typically do and covering up certain areas will give the illusion that there's less of you and therefore not as tall.

Aside from this, tall girls can pretty much wear any style of bikini without any trouble. Feel free to wear bikinis with embellishments of any kind and/or patterns and prints!

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I appreciate these articles but I really can't tell what my body shape is cause I've got a fuller figure but I'm petite 🤔

Same ^^^

I'm a pear,small on top but I got huge,thick thighs and a full bubble butt finding bikini bottoms that don't crawl up is impossible,I like thongs I just don't want my bikini bottoms to become one lol

Wish there were pictures 🙄

I'm a tall and plus size gal,what ideal bikini must I wear if I don't want to be looking like Big Foot.

I wish you guys would show a person in all swimsuits . Not all people look like you model !! Sincerely Kim

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