7 Essential Items Every Teen Should Have in Their Closet ...

Women, and specifically teenage girls, tend to alter their sense of style almost as often as seasons change, but certain staple items every teenager should have tend to remain in the closet forever. After all, you can always alter your basic clothing items to fit your style, yet you can’t really build up your closet without having some of the most basic pieces first. So here are top 7 items every teenager should have!

1. Flannel

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Flannel is a timeless piece of clothing! You can incorporate this item into your outfit and make it look laid back and casual but edgy at the same time. It is completely versatile: you can button it up, wear it open, tie it around your waist or spice it up with some studs. It’s one of those items every teenager should have because it’s great to throw on when you don’t have much time to put your outfit together but still want to look presentable.

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