8 Ways to Dress down a Blazer ...


8 Ways to Dress down a Blazer ...
8 Ways to Dress down a Blazer ...

There are plenty of different ways to dress down a blazer. Traditionally, blazers can look very smart and sophisticated. They can easily dress up an outfit, that’s for sure. But what if you want more options out of your blazer – mainly ones that are more casual and dressed down? Read on for a few different pointers on ways to dress down a blazer.

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Pair It with Denim

One of the easiest ways to dress down a blazer is to team it with something denim. Dark denim jeans are great for working a smart casual look. If you want to dress down your blazer even further then go for faded, distressed, maybe even ripped denim. You could even try a slouchy pair of boyfriend jeans for a streetwear inspired look or team a blazer with denim shorts in the warmer months.


When selecting a top to pair with your denim and blazer combo, aim for relaxed fits like a cotton tee or a soft button-up shirt to keep the overall ambiance laid-back. Accessories also play a critical role – think simple belts, minimalist jewelry, and a casual watch. Finish the ensemble with sneakers or flat ankle boots that add comfort without sacrificing style. Remember, a well-fitted blazer can work wonders, but ensure it doesn't look too formal by rolling up the sleeves for an effortless vibe that speaks volumes in simplicity.


Choose a Slouchy Style

Sometimes it’s the blazer itself that you need to look at. If you’re always feeling a bit overdressed in your blazer, it might be because it’s too tailored. Experiment with different styles of blazers, like those in draped or oversized cuts. Also check out blazers made from lightweight and relaxed fabrics.


Roll up the Sleeves

Dress down your blazer in a matter of seconds just by rolling up the sleeves. It’s an easy way to add a casual air to your outfit. If you’re going to roll or scrunch up your sleeves, it’s probably best to do it on your least precious blazers. You wouldn’t want to be creasing your best and most expensive blazers!


Wear It with T-shirts

What you wear under your blazer can also play a part in creating a dressed down look. Stick to the basics and team your blazer with a plain t-shirt or tank top. Lightweight, slubby fabrics are a great option and perfect for a casual outfit.


Keep Makeup Simple

To really get the whole dressed down look, stick to simple looking makeup. Bold lip colours and heavy eye makeup can make you look like you’ve glammed up. A sweep of blush or bronzer, a coat of mascara and a bit of lip gloss is all you need to work a fresh-faced look.


Wear Flat Shoes

A blazer and heels can look really dressed up. If you’re going for a more casual look, then stick to one or the other. When you want to wear your blazer in a dressed down way, slip on a pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats are still pretty smart and polished, so try a loafer, sandal, or sneaker instead.


Think about Your Accessories

Accessories can completely change your look. To work a dressed down look, stick to casual looking accessories. Keep things fairly minimal too – even fun and playful looking accessories can look over the top and dressed up if you have too many of them.


Throw a Scarf over the Top

Teaming a scarf with your blazer can be a great way of adding a visual detail to your look. Plus it can keep you warm if the weather is a bit chilly. Instead of silky and sophisticated looking scarves tied neatly around the neck, choose lightweight pashminas or chunky knits and loop them loosely around your neck. Brightly coloured and patterned scarves can add a fun element to your look as well.

Get the most wear out of your blazer by making it work for different occasion. These are just a few tips for when you want to work a dressed down look with a blazer. What tips do you have for dressing down a blazer?

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