9 Ways to Work Red Carpet Trends into Your Wardrobe ...


9 Ways to Work Red Carpet Trends into Your Wardrobe ...
9 Ways to Work Red Carpet Trends into Your Wardrobe ...

There are plenty of ways to wear red carpet trends during the day. With all the floor length gowns and designer pieces, you may think that translating red carpet trends into your everyday wardrobe is out of the question. However, the trick is to simply take certain popular elements from the red carpet and work them into your look. Check out the following ways to wear red carpet trends.

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Each award season you’ll be able to pick out certain colours that are more popular from the rest. One of the easiest ways to wear red carpet trends is to simply dress yourself in the colours favoured by the celebrities. Right now it’s all about red or rich jewel tone colours, so all you have to do is simply wear clothes in similar shades.



Channel the glitz and glamour of the red carpet by wearing clothes with embellishments. Try wearing a sequin top or mini skirt during the day to glam up your look. You may, however, want to dress down your embellished pieces with denim or slouchy fabrics so that they don’t seem too showy.



Ever since Angelina Jolie had that moment with her thigh-high split dress, it seems that the red carpet has been awash with similar dresses. To make this look work off the red carpet, try picking up a maxi dress with split sides. They don’t have to be too revealing either, with the splits easily disguised in the pleats of the more flowy maxi skirts.


Cut Outs

Celebrities are loving their cut out dresses on the red carpet. Instead of showing too much flesh, it’s about cheeky flashes of skin. Keep an eye out for dresses and tops with small cut out details at the sides and back. Cheeky cut out dresses would make a great addition to your spring and summer wardrobes.



Be inspired by the shapes and silhouettes of the gowns on the red carpet. This season, flared gowns and slinky silhouettes have been pretty popular. Work these trends into your wardrobe by wearing a skirt that flares out at the hem, like a fishtail gown, or by sticking to slinky column-like maxi dresses.



When you’re putting together your outfit, accessorise like the celebrities do on the red carpet. Take notice of the kind of accessories they’re wearing. Right now, embellished and metallic clutches are a popular choice of accessory. Work this into your own outfit by picking up a small clutch to carry your essentials in.



There’s always a lot of bling on the red carpet. While you may not be able to afford the luxury items that the stars wear, you can mimic their love of all things sparkly and shiny. Costume jewellery is a great way to add some glamour to your outfit. Things like chandelier earrings or statement bracelets and necklaces are a great way to spice up your everyday outfit.


Make up

The red carpets are full of celebrities with perfectly polished make up looks. Follow their lead and work a classic makeup look. Think winged eyeliner, fluttery eye lashes, and a classic red or nude lip.



The red carpet is a great place to look for hair inspiration. Right now relaxed chignons, high buns, and glamorous waves are the popular hairstyles of choice for most celebrities. You can find plenty of tutorials online for how to achieve these hairstyles, or you could ask your hairdresser for tips at your next appointment.

These are just a few ways that you could work red carpet trends into your look. What have been your favourite trends on the red carpet lately? How would you work these trends into your wardrobe?

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