7 Tips on How to Wear White in Winter ...


7 Tips on How to Wear White in Winter ...
7 Tips on How to Wear White in Winter ...

If you’re planning on going light and bright once the cold weather hits, you’ll need to know how to wear white in winter. Done right, you’ll look as gorgeous as a snowflake drifting through the frigid air. But one misstep and your ensemble will make every worst-dressed list. With these 7 simple tips, you’ll shine on all winter long. Are you ready to prove to grandma that crisp white getups aren’t just for summer?

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Keep It Chunky

Keep It Chunky The first way to wear white this winter is to invest in a chunky sweater. You’ll be oh-so-cozy in this warm white piece, especially if you choose to pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and leather riding boots. Now all you need is a steaming cup of hot cocoa!


Black and White is Beautiful

Black and White is Beautiful Want to look chic with as little effort as possible? If you’re a gal on the go, invest in a pair of white skinny jeans and match them with your classic black sweater. The black and white combo is classy and timeless –meaning you won’t be dishing out the dough for an outfit that’ll only last a season. I can’t wait to try this look with my heeled black booties and foldover clutch!


Break out Your LWD

Break out Your LWD One of my personal favorite ways to wear white in winter is to recycle my little white dresses from the summer. A sweet summer dress can quickly transform into a winter staple with the right accessories. So, throw on the leather-adorned baubles, a sleek black blazer, and black tights. Or, add a pop of color to your look with a feminine pink cardigan and patterned tights.


Opt for Outerwear

Opt for Outerwear If you’re unsure about rocking the winter white trend in the office, a crisp white pea coat will let you try the trend on the streets. There’s something sexy and super stylish about a classic pea coat in pure white. Plus, you can slip right out of it when you meet your date at the local Italian restaurant, meaning no unsightly stains!


Go for the Gold

Go for the Gold A winning way to wear white in winter is to break out those gold baubles and skinny belts. This glowing hue will make your whites look priceless. Who could argue with that?


Put a Hat on It

Put a Hat on It An easy, breezy way to wear white in winter is to pick up a white knit hat. While I tend to look like a wannabe Smurf in these, they work well for ladies with either porcelain or dark skin. And they’ll keep your head toasty. Goodbye, brain freeze!


Neutral Lingerie is a Must

Neutral Lingerie is a Must One final tip to remember when wearing white in winter is to never leave home without checking out your fashion handiwork in the mirror –a full length mirror, that is. Feel free to let your beauty look pop, but your bra and undies should match your skin tone. You don’t want to be strutting down the street with your polka dotted panties fully visible through your white pants, right? Didn’t think so!

These are 7 of the best ways to wear white in winter. Which tips will you try this season? Do you have any of your own to add?

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