7 Trends That Fashion Bloggers Love ...


7 Trends That Fashion Bloggers Love ...
7 Trends That Fashion Bloggers Love ...

You can learn a lot about the latest trends from fashion blogs. These days fashion blogs play a really big role in shaping what’s in and out of fashion. If a popular fashion blogger loves something then you better believe it will start trending almost immediately. And if you’re a fan of browsing fashion blogs like I am, you’ll notice that some trends are more popular with fashion bloggers than others. Check out these popular trends from fashion blogs.

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Leather Baseball Caps

Leather Baseball Caps One of the most popular trends from fashion blogs lately is the leather baseball cap. All things sporty are in fashion at the moment and a leather-look baseball cap is a luxe take on the trend. It can be worn with a range of different outfits and will instantly add some cool credentials to your look.


Zara Asymmetric Wrap Skorts

Zara Asymmetric Wrap Skorts I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen this Zara skort being worn by fashion bloggers. The wrap-around skirt/skort comes in a range of different colours but the white version is no doubt the most popular. The pointed, asymmetric design is a cool and contemporary take on what would otherwise be a pretty simple design. And seeing as it’s from Zara, it is readily available and you can easily get your hands on it.


Transparent Clutches

Transparent Clutches From expensive designer numbers to simple DIY options, transparent clutches are everywhere right now. The transparent design means that these clutches go with nearly every outfit, and they are perfect for showing off all your stylish accessories that would have otherwise been hidden inside a normal bag.


Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers Whether you personally love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that the wedge sneaker is a hit with fashion bloggers the world over. Like I mentioned earlier, the sport-luxe trend is having a big moment right now and the wedge sneaker is the must-have footwear item for this trend. You don’t have to fork out for the original Isabel Marant versions either, with plenty of other brands hopping on board the trend.


Acne Pistol Boots

Acne Pistol Boots Short ankle boots are a fashion favourite, but none have experienced quite as much popularity as the Acne ‘Pistol’ boot. The design is fairly clean and simple, which is probably why it is so appealing. These boots quickly became a must-have for fashion bloggers around the world. While the original Acne versions are quite expensive, plenty of chain stores have followed suit by creating similar boots at more affordable prices.



Overalls Overalls are going to be everywhere this summer, so you better get on board with the trend. Bloggers around the world have embraced all styles of overalls. Long or short, denim or leather, the humble overall is so very high fashion right now.


Glitter Sunglasses

Glitter Sunglasses Glitter sunglasses have been a favourite accessory with bloggers for some time now. The Miu Miu cat-eye sunglasses have probably been the most popular option but plenty of bloggers have also been creating their own DIY versions. No matter if you buy or DIY, glitter sunglasses are perfect for adding a bit of extra sparkle to your look.

These are just a few popular trends I’ve seen cropping up on a number of different fashion blogs. What do you think of these trends? Can you think of any other popular fashion blogger trends?

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Only like the shoes, haha! :P

A lot of bloggers are paid. If they're good, people can do it for a living. A stylist is something different.

How do they afford expensive clothing? Like the acne boots

And that's why they are unpaid bloggers and not stylists.

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