7 Eyeglass Trends for 2019 ...


7 Eyeglass Trends for 2019 ...
7 Eyeglass Trends for 2019 ...

Eye-wear in general seems to be making a comeback in the fashion world and thus why there are plenty of eyeglass trends for 2013! I love that nowadays, eyeglasses are embraced and viewed as more of an accessory than a necessity! So whether you're looking for stylish frames for your everyday prescription eye-wear, or trying to find your next favorite pair of sunglasses, follow these 7 eyeglass trends for 2013 to find your perfect fit!

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Retro round

Retro round Round glasses are one of the newest and most recognizable eyeglass trends for 2013. This eyeglass trend pays homage to music icons like John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourn, and let's face it...Waldo. Their retro look will match anyone's vintage fashion sense and look unique yet gorgeous!


Cat Eye

Cat Eye Cat eye frames have long been a celebrity style favorite, with women like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mary J. Blige, and Katy Perry sporting the look. However, cat eye frames are making a bigger comeback in 2013 for the rest of us! Cat eye glasses are stylish yet sophisticated and look great on just about anyone. Plus they range in shape so you can choose from a subtler cat eye up to a very dramatic one.


Bold Colors

Bold Colors Whether you opt for a dramatic burst of color or a subtler statement with colored arms, bold hues are set to become very popular in the eyeglasses world this spring and summer. From neon shades to lighter pastels, the choices for the color-brave among us are endless! Try to find a shade that matches the majority of clothes you wear. Even better, if you usually dress in neutral colors, any colored frames will match great and add something extra to your outfit!


Geek Chic

Geek Chic I think Jessica Day (played by Zooey Deschanel) from the hit TV show New Girl definitely brought on this geek chic eyeglass trend for 2013! These large and solid black frames aren't just for hipsters anymore and make us look even more adorable than normal! This is my personal favorite eyeglass trend right now and I am anxiously awaiting the glasses I ordered to come in the mail!


Keyhole Detailing

Keyhole Detailing Glasses that have bridges cut like keyholes are a popular trend among stylish detailing for 2013. Already a favorite among celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Alexa Chung and Johnny Depp, keyhole details are a great way to add some retro styling to your frames while still keeping a modern design.


Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern Floral patterns have been a huge trend these past few months and eyeglasses are no exception! Patterns in general are a big trend for 2013 when it comes to eye-wear, but floral is definitely the most "in." Try frames with either bold colors for more of a statement, or softer hues for a subtler look.


Odd Shapes

Odd Shapes For all of you super unique girls out there whose style is a little more "outside of the box," try odd-shaped glasses! Odd-shaped glasses are a big hit this upcoming season, with brands such as Fendi, Versace, and Angelo Marani offering uniquely shaped glasses! They are interesting, a bit futuristic, and totally eye catching!

Whether you go bold and beautiful, or classy and subtle, embrace your eye-wear as another accessory that expresses yourself! Don't ever feel self-conscience about having to wear prescription glasses! Especially because they are so "in" right now in fashion! What is your current favorite eyeglass trend for 2013? Are there any others you've seen that we didn't mention?

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I've got Armani geek chic and I only need them for reading and IT, my colleagues at work women and men have said I look sexy in them so here's to glasses geek chic lol ;)

Love geek chic too! I know they're supposed to be big. But how do I know what's TOO big for my face?

I love the geek chic one. It's what I'm hopin to he my glasses on

I love it

I love Theo Desiree.

Very nice

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