7 Gorgeous Trends from the '50s We Should Revisit ...

There are trends from the '50s that we should bring back. As time has passed, skirts have grown shorter and styles have changed, but that doesn’t mean we should let old trends become extinct. There are some trends from the '50s that would still look gorgeous today. So take out your records and turn up the jukebox.

1. Poodle Skirts

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When you picture a girl from the '50s, what do you picture her wearing? Chances are she has a long, bright skirt on. Pretty poodle skirts are one of the most popular trends from the '50s. They came in colorful tones that caught the eye and reached around the knee. Every girl had one and could wear them to sock hops or school. They were fashionable and feminine. Of course, they could have pictures of poodles sewn into them, hence their name.

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