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7 Gorgeous Trends from the 50s We Should Revisit ...

By Holly

There are trends from the '50s that we should bring back. As time has passed, skirts have grown shorter and styles have changed, but that doesn’t mean we should let old trends become extinct. There are some trends from the '50s that would still look gorgeous today. So take out your records and turn up the jukebox.

Table of contents:

  1. Poodle skirts
  2. Chiffon scarves
  3. Paleness
  4. Vintage hair
  5. Hats
  6. Bathing suits
  7. Leather jackets

1 Poodle Skirts

When you picture a girl from the '50s, what do you picture her wearing? Chances are she has a long, bright skirt on. Pretty poodle skirts are one of the most popular trends from the '50s. They came in colorful tones that caught the eye and reached around the knee. Every girl had one and could wear them to sock hops or school. They were fashionable and feminine. Of course, they could have pictures of poodles sewn into them, hence their name.

2 Chiffon Scarves

People today wear fashion scarves, but not in the same way that '50s women wore them. These scarves were shorter and adorned outfits even in the summertime. They could be fastened around your neck or through your hair and tied above your head. They weren’t designed to keep you warm, only to look good. Even though this fad has almost disappeared, it’s something that could easily regain popularity one day.

3 Paleness

Nowadays, being tan is considered trendy. People strive to darken their skin tone, even in the winter. There’s nothing wrong with a natural tan as long as you wear sunscreen and fake tans are fine as long as you don’t go overboard, but paleness has wrongly lost its popularity. Being pale should be widely accepted, just like it was in the '50s. In fact, every skin tone should equally adored.

4 Vintage Hair

Think of Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly. Aren’t they absolutely stunning, even by today’s standards? The hairstyles that were worn by hundreds in the '50s are now rare. While some of the styles look silly and undesirable, there are some that are still considered gorgeous. If you have the right face shape for one of these hairdos, why not try it?

5 Hats

A hat can make or break an outfit. In the '50s, it was popular to pin a hat to the side of your hair, wear a sunhat or something oversized. They normally had a band of silk or flower attached for a decorative appearance. Another option was a veiled hat that covered a portion of your face. They could shield you from the sun while giving you a mysterious or coy appearance.

6 Bathing Suits

These bathing suits did a better job of covering skin than the suits today do. While there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your body, a colorful one-piece can be a nice change of pace. Something in plaid or polka dots is reminiscent of '50s fashion choices. So why not change up your look a bit this summer? Stand out from everyone else on the beach with a unique vintage piece.

7 Leather Jackets

This one’s for the guys. The bad boy look is sexy as long as the personality doesn’t match. In the '50s, you’d see men draped in leather everywhere you went. Of course, men still wear these sexy jackets, but they’re not as common as they once were. This is one fashion statement that should be brought back so we girls can have some eye candy.

Don’t be afraid to turn back the clock by wearing some of these styles. What’s your favorite decade when it comes to fashion? What do you like about what the people in that time wore?

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