7 Leggings That Make a Statement ...


7 Leggings That Make a Statement ...
7 Leggings That Make a Statement ...

Statement Leggings are the perfect way to stay warm and cozy this winter! You can dress them up by wearing them to work with a cute dress or skirt, or keep them casual by pairing them with an oversized sweater or tunic. Statement leggings will keep you warm and looking cute!

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Fishbone Tights

Fishbone Tights This pair of dark-denim colored leggings from Anthropologie have a gray fishbone pattern from the foot to the thigh. Since they are made from merino wool, they are super warm and cozy. The denim coloring gives these statement leggings more of a casual feel, so I’d stick to wearing these on my day off!


Henry Holland Reverse Star Tight

Henry Holland Reverse Star Tight This pair of statement leggings from Urban Outfitters features bronze, semi-sheer star patterns on a black background. These adorable tights are perfect for layering and adding a pattern to a solid colored outfit. The dark, neutral colors will look great when balanced out with a solid colored dress!


Poppy Printed Tight

Poppy Printed Tight These pretty and delicate floral tights have the loveliest pattern! This statement making pair of leggings will dress up any outfit with its soft colors and pretty print. The soft lilac background shows off the bright red and orange poppies printed on the leggings. Wear these statement leggings this winter with your favorite little black dress.


Colorblocked Tights

Colorblocked Tights These black and white colorblocked tights from Anthropologie are certainly unique! These opaque leggings are solid white with a solid black stripe running down the back of the leg. If you’re not a fan of white, these leggings also come in a soft rose color that is still neutral enough to easily pair with most other colors. These colorblocked leggings are much more interesting than your typical solid colored leggings!


Boucle Spotted Tights

Boucle Spotted Tights This pair of statement leggings just might be my favorite on the list! They come in three different, fabulous color combinations: wine with blue spots, dark gray with white spots, and dark gray with plum spots. I love that these leggings have the large polka dot print rather than the typical small polka dot print we see most often. These leggings from Anthropologie will look great dressed up or dressed down!

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Opaque Ombre Tights

Opaque Ombre Tights These statement leggings from Anthropologie are the perfect way to work the ombre trend into your outfit. These leggings subtly fade from navy to light blue or mauve to rose, depending on which pair you choose. You get multiple shades of color in one pair of tights, which is much easier to pair with an outfit than other multicolored items are. Keep warm and rock the ombre trend this winter with this wardrobe essential!


Pretty Polly Embellished Sparkle Tight

Pretty Polly Embellished Sparkle Tight I always love clothing and accessories that sparkle, so this pair of statement leggings is no exception! These sparkly tights are perfect for holiday parties that require a dress when it’s chilly outside! Wear them with a cocktail dress and close-toed heels for the perfect party attire this holiday season!

Stay warm and cozy this winter season with statement leggings! Layering is a great way to stay warm during the cold months, and leggings are a layering essential. Which is your favorite pair of statement leggings from our list? How would you wear them?

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So fun! Great ideas!

My favorite is #4 Color Block Tights! How fun. :-)

These are all tights not leggings.

Where are the leggings? These are all tights!!

Perhaps this would be more appropriately titled "7 tights that make a statement". haha :) I love the ombre ones.

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