Forget Black the 7 Best Leather Jacket Colors ...


Forget Black the 7 Best Leather Jacket Colors ...
Forget Black the 7 Best Leather Jacket Colors ...

Everybody loves leather, but it's boring to own the same exact jacket as everyone else. That's why you should follow Womanitely's advice and buy a leather jacket in a different color than black. Here are a few of the trendiest ones:

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White This will strike the perfect balance between tough and innocent.



Purple You'll stand out in a jacket this bright!



Brown It's still a dark color, which is why it's perfect for this time of year.



Gray This is about as close to black as you can get.



Red You'll look sexy and fierce in one of these babies!



Yellow If you want to brighten up your wardrobe, this will do the trick.


Dark Blue

Dark Blue Now that's what I call fashionable!

Do you own a leather jacket? What color is it?

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Pink cropped motto-style and a boring black biker jacket.... I'd love to get a bright coloured one too!

Dark Blue 😻

Dark blue n purple looks interesting

Grey ***

I got 2 leather jackets A blue && a brown oneI would love to get a red one !

Yes mine is camel colored

Nice colors but if you can only afford one good leather jacket - bought as an investment/classic staple - it needs to be black. I think.

How did I know it would be those colors?


I have so many colours and none of them are black lmao

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