Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Day of the Work Week ...

By Holly

Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Day of the Work Week ...

If you're struggling to come up with outfit ideas every morning before work, look no further. Glamour has a few ideas for you. Here's a new outfit to wear every day of the work week:

1 Midi Skirt with a Fitted Turtleneck

Turtlenecks will keep you warm while looking adorable! You can't beat that.

2 Button-front Denim Skirt and a Long Cardigan

Denim skirts don't usually look all that professional, but all that changes when there are buttons all up the front.

3 Printed Blazer Atop a Pair of Cropped Trousers

Blazers are the most professional pieces you could ever buy, so make sure you have one or two in your wardrobe.

4 Cable-knit Sweater and a Black a-line Skirt

You don't have to wait until winter to break out the sweaters. It's never too early!

5 All-black

You can never go wrong with black. Just switch up the textures and shades, so that your outfit still looks fashionable.

Which one of these outfits would you wear?

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