9 Warm but Cute Winter Hats ...


9 Warm but Cute Winter Hats ...
9 Warm but Cute Winter Hats ...

Winter is on the way, and this year, I refuse to be cold, or even chilly, for one second. So I’ve started looking for warm hats, hats that are cozy but cute to boot. There are so many to choose from! But after lots of searching, I’ve narrowed the field to 9 top contenders. Here are my picks for 9 cute but warm winter hats. Let’s see which ones you like best!

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Dale of Norway Harmony/Peace Hat

Dale of Norway Harmony/Peace Hat Wouldn’t this warm hat be perfect for wearing all through your holiday shopping trips and outdoor parties? It’s made of 100% wool, with a comfortable (and cozy) fleece lining. Not into red? Not to worry. This warm hat comes in two other color combinations.


Neff Growler

Neff Growler As much as I love those cute animal-inspired hats, with the little faces and ears, I just can’t bring myself to wear one… I’d feel ridiculous! But this warm hat is the perfect compromise, with sweet little faux fur ears in mocha brown, black, or “panda.”


Coal Greer HB

Coal Greer HB I know this headband doesn’t technically qualify as a warm hat, per se, but it is warm… and sometimes, you don’t want a hat! It’s made of a soft acrylic/wool blend, and though I love the gorgeous red color, it’s also available in grey, cream, and black.


Kate Spade New York Big Apple Bow Ski Hat

Kate Spade New York Big Apple Bow Ski Hat Leave it to Kate Spade to address our worries about keeping our bows on straight in a snowstorm. Her warm but cute winter hat comes with a faux-bow, that is unshakeable in any weather. I love the longer chin ties and the pom-poms on the end are so sweet!


Vera Bradley Newsgirl Hat

Vera Bradley Newsgirl Hat Not all winter hats have to be black or grey… why not add a pop of color? This newsboy-style cap has a small brim, perfect for keeping the winter sun or light snow off your pretty face. It’s available in five colorful prints, so there’s bound to be a print you’ll love.


San Diego Hat Company KNH3186

San Diego Hat Company KNH3186 This warm hat’s made of 100% acrylic, so it’s spot clean only. Isn’t it gorgeous, though, and doesn’t it look so cozy warm? It would look so pretty with a cream-colored coat, or a classic navy peacoat. I’ve found my new favorite warm winter hat!


The North Face Denali Thermal Beanie

The North Face Denali Thermal Beanie No list of cold weather gear, including warm hats, would be complete without at least one item by The North Face. This cuddly beanie is just the thing for all sorts of winter fun, with a color to match any jacket — purple, black, teal, blue, cream, and grey — all made of super-soft polyester fleece. These remind me of the Osito jackets!


Pistil Grayson

Pistil Grayson This warm hat, available in aqua or berry multi-yarn, looks marvelous with any wool coat. It’s made to cover your ears, to keep them warm, and to cover your forehead to your eyebrows, keeping your whole head toasty!


Pistil Opus Headband

Pistil Opus Headband This is another newsboy-style hat, with a small brim and flattering shape, but look closely — it’s actually a headband, not a whole-head hat! I love the color combination, which looks like it was made for fall. It’s also available in a print of blues and browns, too!

See what I mean? There are so many cute but warm hats, it’s going to be hard to choose just one… so maybe we ought to choose one for each coat we have! Which of these warm hats do you like best, and how would you wear it? Or is there another warm hat style you like better, that didn’t make my list?

Top Image Source: sinuousmag.com

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Knit hats are also easy to make yourself! If your crafty and love DIY it's a wonderful project.

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