8 Ways to Incorporate Your Personal Style into Your Work Wardrobe ...


8 Ways to Incorporate Your Personal Style into Your Work Wardrobe ...
8 Ways to Incorporate Your Personal Style into Your Work Wardrobe ...

If you thought work wardrobe has to be dull and boring, you couldn't be further from the truth. Incorporate your personal style in to your work wardrobe by following these lovely tips from Mai Der Chang!

I was glad to finally be working again, but that meant having to restrict what I can or cannot wear to work especially in a more professional business setting. Depending on your workplace environment and its specific dress code you may feel like your work wardrobe is very limited. After two weeks of a characterless, unfashionable, and repetitious style I finally ventured out into a bolder wardrobe and played up my personal sense of style. Here are seven ways you can do it too!

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Add Color

Add Color Wearing black and white from day-to-day is boring and uninteresting. The fastest and easiest way to play up your plain work wardrobe is adding in color! A simple pop of color can brighten up your look and change your whole mood! Wear your favorite color or sport a bold shade like hot pink, green, or neon yellow. The trick is to wear complimentary colors or to color block without it being overwhelming. Try wearing one or two colors and keeping everything else neutral.


Add Prints

Add Prints Prints are in this spring, may it be florals and tribal prints or polka dots, stripes, and abstract designs. Prints make your wardrobe interesting. The same rule applies to prints as it does with colors. Try wearing just one or two contrasting prints and keeping everything else a solid color or print. If you're going to wear floral prints with more than two colors focus on just one or two colors on the print and play it up in the rest of your wardrobe. Here, the model is wearing a floral skirt and matching her clutch to the greens and blues in the print while keeping everything else one color.


Wear Lace

Wear Lace Lace is such a feminine and intimate texture to wear that sometimes it may not be appropriate for the professional workplace. The trick is to play down the lace by wearing the same colored top and bottom. For example, wear a black lace top with a black pencil skirt or a nude laced skirt with a neutral blouse.


Add Interesting Textures

Add Interesting Textures Textures bring depth and character to your wardrobe. Try adding in a tweed jacket or skirt to play up your style. Tweed can sometimes come off as "old lady-like" and boring, but with the right color and fit, tweed can amp up your professional and lady-like style into something more classic, elegant, and sexy.


Play up Classic Shoes

Play up Classic Shoes Shoes can be difficult to make "more professional" because some workplaces don't allow pumps, open-toes, or wedges. Shoes like these are perfect because it adds in height, has the classic black and white color scheme, and is a closed-toe with interesting cutouts that won't show too much of your toes! Always carry a pair of flats for days when you'll be walking a lot or running from meeting to meetings. Switching from the classic black heels to a more colorful pair also reflects your personal taste.


Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry Accessorizing with jewelry can add life to your wardrobe. Make sure that they don't overpower your whole outfit but instead pull it together. Choose statement jewelry like a colored watches, interesting bracelets, or necklaces. Choose pieces that are classic with a twist like this necklace. Don't choose pieces that can swallow you up, especially too-big statement necklaces and bangles that are heavy and can get in the way.


What You Carry to Work

What You Carry to Work Sure, you're not going to be carrying your bag with you throughout the whole day or even possibly need one at all, but for those who do carry bags on a daily basis choosing the right bag for work can be tough. I spent over a month browsing online websites for the perfect bag I can carry to work before I found one I liked. The most important thing I look for in a bag for work is the size and functionality of it. Choose one that showcases your personal style. Maybe you're an enthusiastic individual who's not afraid of being noticed or a shy person who would rather keep to herself. Whatever the case, choose one that matches your personality.


Play up Your Makeup

Play up Your Makeup It's important to keep your makeup simple so your natural beauty shines through. What you wear going out with your girls shouldn't be your go-to makeup for the office. Instead of slapping your eyes with dark shadows and thick eyeliner, play up your lips or other features like your cheeks and eyebrows. Go for a bright lipstick that is not too shimmery or glossy and neutral shades if you want to play up your eyes.

Sometimes all we really need is a few simple changes to update our boring day-to-day work wardrobe and not necessarily investing in a whole new one. Buy a few key pieces that stand out but also easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe. Good luck and happy working!

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