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Ways to Wear a Button down like a Style Maven ...

By Neecey

Think that a button down is boring? If you make it boring ... it WILL be boring. Want to banish the boring from button downs forever? Plenty of inspo follows:

1 Classic Open Denim Button down

denim,clothing,jacket,leather,outerwear,Source: Tran-seasonal trendsetter: The dos and

2 Sexy and Understated

hair,clothing,jacket,leather,hairstyle,Source: Walk in Wonderland: February 2014

3 Loose Flannel and Ripped Jeans

white,black,clothing,footwear,denim,Source: Because Shanna Said So...: Three

4 Keeping It in Check

color,white,photograph,clothing,road,Source: Tuesday Ten: May Style Tips

5 Menswear Inspired

clothing,jacket,leather,denim,spring,Source: Tomboy Chic

6 Untucked and Layered

white,clothing,sleeve,fashion,spring,Source: Monaco day 2 - Lovely

7 Add a Blazer


8 If It's Good Enough for Marilyn...

clothing,spring,fashion,footwear,leg,Source: all things katie marie: Throwback

9 Pretty Chic

clothing,dress,woman,wedding dress,bridal clothing,Source: 50 Great New Looks For

10 Add a Cardigan

clothing,outerwear,jacket,denim,sleeve,Source: The Cool Girls' Guide To

11 Try Short Sleeves

clothing,pink,beauty,dress,fashion,Source: The Fixer

12 Max It out


13 Country Chic

clothing,dress,costume,spring,fashion,Source: Tulle Skirt

14 Roll It up like Julia

hair,white,person,clothing,woman,Source: 50 Spring Outfit Ideas to

15 Add a Chunky Knit and a Scarf

clothing,knitting,sweater,outerwear,cardigan,Source: Flower Patch Farmgirl: Pinterest is

16 Tailor It like Taylor

clothing,footwear,lady,fashion,tights,Source: Taylor Swift shows off her

17 Red Carpet Style

fashion,formal wear,tuxedo,flooring,Source:

18 Street Chic

clothing,fashion,leather,spring,supermodel,Source: Your style quiz ; Find

19 Elegant like Emma

clothing,sleeve,spring,formal wear,outerwear,Source:

20 Street Style

black,clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,Source: Hello, Gorgeous!: threads

21 Always a Classic

white,clothing,sleeve,blouse,formal wear,Source: Women's Clothing | Burberry

22 It's All in the Accessories


23 With a Pinafore

clothing,dress,pattern,sleeve,plaid,Source: Black Watch Plaid - MEMORANDUM

24 Long over Leggings

clothing,denim,sleeve,outerwear,pattern,Source: Today's Everyday Fashion: Leggings

25 Crop over a White Button down


26 With Cut Offs

denim,clothing,sleeve,outerwear,jeans,Source: WE DID GOOD | TheyAllHateUs

27 Add a Statement Necklace

color,blue,clothing,red,pattern,Source: Favorite Things Friday

28 Pair with a Full Skirt

clothing,dress,footwear,leg,miniskirt,Source: Diary of a Fit Mommy

29 Flannel Button Downs Tucked into the Perfect Jeans

jeans,denim,clothing,trousers,footwear,Source: The Best Style Advice for

30 Go Long with a Maxi Button down

clothing,outerwear,fashion,footwear,photo shoot,Source: BDG Extreme Length Maxi Button-Down

31 Office Chic

clothing,spring,fashion,season,denim,Source: Menswear Melange - MEMORANDUM, formerly

32 Comfort with an Oversized Button down

clothing,white,sleeve,dress shirt,blouse,Source: Oversized Button-Down Shirt

33 Knot It

color,blue,clothing,denim,jeans,Source: The Times New Roman: People

34 Great with a Midi

clothing,pink,dress,footwear,sleeve,Source: White House | Black MarketSoft

35 It Girl Style


36 Show Some Leg

clothing,girl,footwear,beauty,pink,Source: Women's Skirts,Cheap Womens Skirts Online

37 Sexy Secretary


38 An in-vest-ment

clothing,car,footwear,fashion,dress,Source: 11 Work Outfits That Are

Are you ready to break out your button downs and give them a new lease of life?

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