Back to Basics Why You Need a Plain White T-Shirt and How to Wear It ...


The answer to "What can I possibly wear this with?" is usually your trusty white t-shirt. It is without a doubt one of the most versatile pieces you'll ever own. My favourite thing about it is that it really allows you to have fun with the rest of your outfit. Ready to check out some fun ways to wear your plain white tee?

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Colorful Blazer and Denim Shorts

Colorful Blazer and Denim Shorts If you're anything like me, your "go-to outfit" is probably a white tee and denim shorts. Take this basic look to the next level by adding a blazer that will make heads turn.


Fun Skirt

Fun Skirt Need to look like an absolute fashionista? Pair your plain white tee with a statement skirt and some strappy heels.


Comfortably Chic

Comfortably Chic If you're a fan of comfort, wear your white t-shirt with a chic pair of boyfriend jeans. Don't forget to add a messy bun!


Print Happy

Print Happy What's the best way to wear printed pants? With a plain white tee of course! An animal print bag and shoes bring the whole look together.


Black and White

Black and White Look as cool as a cucumber in a white tee paired with black leather pants and a black blazer. Don't forget a hat!

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Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow Pants in fun colors make everything better!


Sequin Skirt

Sequin Skirt White, green, pink, and blue? Sure, why not. Btw, how gorgeous is that skirt!


Trench Coat and Mini

Trench Coat and Mini Now, here's a darling date night look.


Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple Sometimes red lipstick is all you need. Killer legs don't hurt either.


Black, White and Grey

Black, White and Grey This is an easy look to replicate that would be perfect for class.


Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace A statement necklace looks lovely on a white tee. Also loving that metallic clutch!


All White Outfit

All White Outfit One of summer 2015's hottest (or should I say coolest) trends will be all white outfits. So start your hunt for the perfect white t-shirt now!


With an Animal Print Blazer

With an Animal Print Blazer Can you say Miaow?


Structured Skirt

Structured Skirt Who says white t-shirts have to be boring?


Fun Skirt and Clutch

Fun Skirt and Clutch If you love prints, you'll love this look.


Slouchy Trousers and Loafers

Slouchy Trousers and Loafers Slouchy trousers are my favorite when the temperature starts to rise and what better way to wear it than with a white tee.


PLeated Yellow Maxi Skirt

PLeated Yellow Maxi Skirt Here's another beautiful look for warmer days.


Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming Skirts with slits are comfortable and sexy!


Ribbed Skirt

Ribbed Skirt A little bit of sheer is always fun.


Dramatic Skirt

Dramatic Skirt Don't shy away from dramatic looks like this.


Cute Overalls

Cute Overalls Overalls may not be for everyone, but you've got to admit they look super cute!


Colored Denim Shorts

Colored Denim Shorts If you must wear your white tee with denim shorts, make sure they're colored!


Tailored Look

Tailored Look White tees are perfect for tailored co-ordinates.


The Classic Combination

The Classic Combination Of course there's nothing wrong with the good ol' white tee and blue jeans combination.


With an Embroidered Skirt

With an Embroidered Skirt Now, that's what I call chic!

What's your favorite way to wear the humble white t-shirt?

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Love white Tshirt so comfortable.

Love it I'll try 21

Love the yellow maxi skirt

I only wear a white tee shirt once before washing so have at least three always ready for wear.,

The girl in no. 5 looks terribly skinny...

French women know how to rock a white T-shirt.

Great ideas!

Loved 5 n 14 looks a classic white t never goes out of fashion

Lol! All bones!!!!


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