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Yes You Can Look Fashionable in Sweatpants Heres How to Rock the Look ...

By Taylor

It's not every day you hear the word "fashionable" and "sweatpants" used in the same sentence, but it is possible! Here are just a few ways to rock the "lazy look" that will leave you feeling confident yet comfortable for the day!

Table of contents:

  1. Athletic look
  2. Lazy summer day
  3. Hipster punk
  4. Bling it up
  5. Flannels 4 life
  6. Sporty chick
  7. Chilly days

1 Athletic Look

Rock the athletic look by pairing a pair of sweatpants with some Converse shoes.

2 Lazy Summer Day

On warmer days, flip flops with a cami can be comfortable yet very cute. You can even add your favorite jacket in case you get chilly

3 Hipster Punk

Converse high-tops look adorable with any pair of sweatpants.

4 Bling It up

Who says you can't accessorize while wearing sweats? Add a hat, some bracelets or or your fav pair of earrings to "bling up" the outfit a bit

5 Flannels 4 Life

Flannels ALWAYS are a good idea when bumming it. They go perfectly with some sweatpants, no matter what the color

6 Sporty Chick

If you really aren't feeling it, sweats with a cute baseball hat looks good too!

7 Chilly Days

For the colder days, a pair of baggy sweats and a pair of UGGS is always comfy yet cute

After these little tippers, I hope your "lazy days" are cozy yet fashionable!

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