The Ultimate Guide to Styling the Chambray Shirt ...

By Cassandra

The Ultimate Guide to Styling the Chambray Shirt ...

The chambray shirt is arguably the easiest piece to style. Coming in a wide range of colors and length, it's a fashion essential that you need to have in your arsenal, regardless of what your style is. The fact that you can just throw it on and go is just icing on the cake. Here's the ultimate guide to rocking that sexy number every single day of the week (with no one the wiser).

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1 Retro High Waisted Shorts

clothing,leg,footwear,abdomen,dress, Source: 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks

2 Flirty Lace Shorts

hair,clothing,girl,lady,beauty, Source: 60 Cute College Outfit Ideas

Discover the mystique and charm of historical garments with our carefully curated inspiration from the medieval era. If you're seeking authenticity for a theme party or costume event, here are some truly renaissance outfit ideas that will transport you back in time. Evoke the spirit of grand festivities with fashion that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship. Embrace a different period, dress up and have fun!

3 Sexy Faux Leather Pants

footwear,clothing,jacket,leather,outerwear, Source: 45 Fall Looks I'm Loving

4 White Hot Shorts + Cognac Wedges

clothing,denim,footwear,sleeve,fashion, Source: Outfit Posts: (outfits 21-25) one

5 Work Ready Trousers

clothing,jeans,fashion,leg,trousers, Source: Style Pantry | Fitted Denim

6 Slimming Dark Skinnies

jeans,clothing,denim,footwear,trousers, Source: Womens Jeans at Macy's

7 Denim on Denim

clothing,denim,jeans,footwear,season, Source: Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

8 Neutral Accessories

clothing,denim,sleeve,jeans,blouse, Source: Crystalin Marie | San Francisco

9 The Staple Bodycon

clothing,dress,denim,footwear,fashion, Source: How To Look Thinner With

10 Sweater + Top Combo

clothing,sleeve,jeans,trousers,outerwear, Source: Sprinkles & Sequins: Work Wear

11 The Dress
clothing,blue,denim,jacket,outerwear, Source: Everlane. | Sincerely Jules

12 Stylish Blanket Scarf

clothing,footwear,lady,girl,beauty, Source: Blanket Scarf + New Suns

13 Epic Maxi Skirt

clothing,dress,gown,fashion,formal wear, Source: Ready to Wear Fashion

14 Pretty Florals

clothing,dress,sleeve,spring,abdomen, Source: It's The Little Things: friday

15 Distressed Jeans

clothing,denim,jeans,outerwear,fashion, Source: The HONEYBEE: Chambray White Denim

16 Classic Layers

clothing,blue,footwear,jeans,denim, Source: Love Love Love: white blazer

17 Trendy Tartan Skirt

clothing,denim,pattern,plaid,design, Source:

18 Casual Striped Tee

jeans,clothing,denim,jacket,leather, Source: chambray + stripes: the fall

19 Fab Floral Leggings + Ankle Straps

denim,clothing,jeans,blue,spring, Source: 20 Style Tips On How

20 Bold Leopard Print Where in Chicago do you ...
clothing,dress,pattern,design,fashion, Source: Ebony Mag EIC Mitzi Miller

21 Sweet Cardigan

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,jacket,blazer, Source: Office Casual

22 Killer Red Heels

clothing,human positions,sitting,footwear,leather, Source: Back to Basics

23 The Mini Lace Skirt

denim,clothing,jacket,leather,outerwear, Source: Tran-seasonal trendsetter: The dos and

24 Slim Blazer

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,fashion accessory,jacket, Source: Work Clothes, I Suppose: January

25 Cool Chuck Taylors

denim,jeans,clothing,blue,leather, Source: Search Results converse

26 All Dressed in Black

clothing,blue,denim,outerwear,dress, Source: ivanarevic

27 Bright Colored Sweater

clothing,tights,leg,spandex, Source: Pinterest Told Me To: Meow

28 Wide Waist Defining Belt

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,gown, Source: 45 Fall Looks I'm Loving

29 Lovely Dresses underneath

color,hair,clothing,lady,beauty, Source: 20 Style Tips On How

30 Full Skirt

clothing,dress,spring,sleeve,fashion, Source: Emijaa Jaaemil...: Chambray

31 Combat Boots

clothing,outerwear,fashion accessory,art,fashion, Source: fall into fall

32 Alluring Faux Leather Shorts and Loafers

clothing,footwear,denim,fashion,leg, Source: The Chambray Shirt Gets A

33 The Graphic Tee

clothing,hairstyle,fashion,t shirt,spring, Source:

34 Chic Bag + Shades

color,clothing,dress,fashion,spring, Source:

35 Paired with a Maxi Dress

clothing,blue,footwear,fashion,spring, Source: Summer Travel: 3 Dresses for

36 Layered over a V-Neck Tee

color,clothing,blue,eyewear,photography, Source: Friday Favorites - Linda Wagner

37 Fierce Nude Pumps

jeans,denim,clothing,blue,footwear, Source: La Petite Noob: OOTD

38 Dressed in White

white,clothing,blue,denim,dress, Source: Ella Moss White Eyelet Skirt

39 Bright Skinnies

clothing,jeans,footwear,denim,spring, Source: How to Wear a Chambray

40 Flowy Skirt

clothing,footwear,yellow,dress,fashion, Source: Keep Calm & Carry On

41 Printed Pants + Trendy Bag

clothing,denim,blue,sleeve,pattern, Source: 20 Style Tips On How

42 The Crop Top

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,pattern,fashion, Source: 20 Style Tips On How

43 Artsy Pencil Skirt

clothing,sleeve,spring,pattern,jeans, Source: Saidia Pencil Skirt

44 Springtime Ready Sandals

clothing,footwear,shoe,dress,fashion, Source: 20 Style Tips On How

45 Quirky Denim Blazer

clothing,jacket,footwear,outerwear,spring, Source: The Chambray Shirt is a

How do you like to style your chambray shirt? What are some shops that you frequent to get your denim fix? Hit us up in the comments below!

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Wow I didn't realize there were so many ways to wear a chambray shirt.

Awesome must try!!❤️❤️

I agree good ideas for the shirt.

Luv these styles......Will try!!!!!

I have done some of these! Love your posts, you have great taste.

Great ideas!

So many brilliant ideas, well done! And thankyou :)

so good.............,

Love #11

Most of the stuff is beautiful

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