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17 Ways to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt ...

By Cassandra

Even though faux leather skirts initially started out with major side eye from the top fashionistas, they've recently started taking over the streets. The retro vibes that they give off ( to mention their sexy silhouette) makes them the perfect trend to play around with. Whether you're into classic midi skirts or appreciate the fine lines that a pencil skirt gives off, these faux leather skirts are definitely attention grabbers.

1 Classy Midi Skirt + Knit Top Combo

Classy Midi Skirt + Knit Top Combo Source: Womens A-line High Waist Faux

2 The Sexy Mini

The Sexy Mini Source: Sincerely Jules | Page 8

3 All Black Everything

All Black Everything Source:

4 Metallic Tones

Metallic Tones Source: angelesydiablillos: Falda lápiz peplum

5 Fierce Accessories

Fierce Accessories Source: Black On Black: Turtleneck Tank

6 Workflow

Workflow Source: MATCHESFASHION.COM - Diane Von Furstenberg

7 Killer Heels

Killer Heels Source: Penny Pincher Fashion

8 Quirky Top

Quirky Top Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

9 All Checkered out

All Checkered out Source: New Arrivals

10 Clever Tee

Clever Tee Source: LoLoBu - Women look, Fashion

11 Keep It Nice and Casual

Keep It Nice and Casual Source: THE PENCIL - Fashion Jackson

12 Bold Color Coordination
Bold Color Coordination Source: Fashionable & Trendy Plus Size

13 The Chambray Shirt

The Chambray Shirt Source: This Time Tomorrow: sfo >>>

14 Sexy Leopard Print

Sexy Leopard Print Source: Fast Food & Fast Fashion

15 Pop of Color

Pop of Color Source: Black Faux Leather Pencil Midi

16 Edgy Pencil Skirt + Blouse Combo

Edgy Pencil Skirt + Blouse Combo Source: What the Chung

17 Business Saavy Collared Shirt

Business Saavy Collared Shirt Source: Lysana Fashion Obsessed: Heads and

What do you like pairing your faux leather skirts with? Sound off in the comments!

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