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The Little Black Dress (LBD) is considered a woman's wardrobe staple for a reason. It's one of those pieces that's super versatile and can be styled to create an infinite amount of looks. You can find a fabulous LBD that fits your body type, personal style and budget. Once you've nabbed that perfect little black dress for yourself, try these 7 ways to wear it.

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Wear It with a Blazer

Wear It with a Blazer For a business look, throw a blazer over your LBD. Choose one in a bright color for spring if you don't actually have to wear it for business. Reese Witherspoon has often worn a blazer over her dresses, and she looks chic and sophisticated.


Wear It with Colorful Shoes

Wear It with Colorful Shoes Add a pop of color to your LBD by pairing it with a bright pump. It's such a classic but fun look! Want something more casual? Go with a bright pair of spring sandals instead.


Wear It with Some Bling

Wear It with Some Bling Jewelry will add sparkle to your LBD. Go with vibrant colors for a more youthful look, or stick to gold or silver if you want to look like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Don't forget to smile for the paparazzi!


Wear It with Tights

Wear It with Tights In the fall and winter, you'll want to accessorize your LBD with seasonal layering pieces. Find a pair of patterned black tights to wear underneath. Even if your dress is long, tights will help keep you warm.


Wear It with a Belt

Wear It with a Belt Draw some attention to your waist by wearing a belt over your LBD. Gold and silver are elegant choices, and of course a bright spring color is great for less formal occasions.

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Wear It with a Scarf

Wear It with a Scarf Add color, texture or fun to your LBD with a scarf. For spring, choose a style that is feminine and light. Infinity scarves are probably not the best choice, so go with something that is more flirty and fun.


Wear It under Denim

Wear It under Denim To keep your LBD looking casual for daytime, throw a denim vest or jacket over it. You can even take a denim button-down shirt and tie it at the bottom for a knotted crop top look.

Whether it's summer, fall, daytime or evening, your little black dress is your stylish wardrobe's BFF. The next time you can't decide what to wear, throw on that LBD and get creative with your look. How excited are you to try these 7 ways to style your little black dress?

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I love black dresses . Best choice would be wearing them with some colourful shoes though.

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