7 Spectacularly Wonderful Ways to Work the Trouser ...


7 Spectacularly Wonderful Ways to Work the Trouser ...
7 Spectacularly Wonderful Ways to Work the Trouser ...

How To Wear Trousers – if there’s ever been a time to ponder this question, it’s now. This season is all about incorporating the trouser into your wardrobe. From slim-fitting styles to voluminous palazzo pants, the trouser is your go-garment this fall/winter. When looking at how to wear trousers, there are a range of things to think about. From the cut to the fabric, finding the perfect pair of trousers can be daunting. Below are a few tips on how to wear trousers this season.

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Slim Fit

Slim fit trousers are great for those with a boyish figure. Curvier women need not be afraid though, as finding a great pair of slim fit trousers is merely a case of trying on and finding the right cut for your body. If you want to achieve a more streamlined look, choose trousers without pockets as this will give the trouser a less bulky appearance.



A high-waisted trouser is perfect for working a more dressed up look. High-waisted trousers look best with a looser fitting or wide leg. If you have a slimmer frame, however, then by all means go for a slim-fitting trouser. If you are thinking about how to wear trousers this winter, team them with button up shirts and cropped jackets.



Wide-legged trousers are great for balancing out a curvy silhouette. When wearing wide-legged styles, choose ones with fairly minimal designs. If you’re feeling particularly fashion-forward, try a 70s inspired palazzo trouser. Whatever you choose, wide-legged trousers are a great alternative to the more common skinny leg styles.



A tailored trouser is perfect for creating a polished, work-appropriate look. Look for a trouser with a slim cut but which is still a bit loose through the leg. Team tailored trousers with pussy-bow blouses, crisp blazers, and almond toe pumps.



Relaxed trousers are ideal for wearing on a casual basis. Harem style pants are great for working a tribal-inspire look, while slouchy chinos are perfect for creating a cool everyday look. Look for trousers with a deconstructed silhouette or with draping details. A softer fabric also helps to create a relaxed look.


7/8 Length

When choosing 7/8 length trousers, make sure you choose a slimmer cut. A turned up cuff is also a nice detail and can make the cut look more tailored. 7/8 length trousers are also great if you’ve got a favourite pair of shoes you’d like to show off.



Coloured trousers are all the rage lately. From eye-popping brights to autumnal hues, a pair of coloured trousers is a must in any wardrobe. Depending on your personal style, you could work a colour blocked outfit, or let them be the stand-out piece of your outfit.

The trouser is the perfect remedy to the feminine style of dressing that has been popular lately. When pondering how to wear trousers, it’s always best to consider what works for you. A pair of well fitted trousers is a great investment. What are your best tips for how to wear trousers?

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