Why Buying Second-Hand Clothing Isn't Just for Girls on a Budget ...

By Alison

High school or college students often buy second-hand clothing because of a limited budget, or because they want to stand out and develop their own style. But you don't need to stop buying second-hand when you have more money! There's a lot to be said for filling your wardrobe with second-hand bargains …

1 Second Life

By buying second-hand clothing, you are giving unwanted garments a second life. What would happen to them otherwise? They'd sit unworn in closets or be thrown in the garbage and end up in landfill sites. There are tons of second-hand bargains in great condition out there, so get shopping!

2 Own Style

It's mortifying when you pass someone in the street wearing the same garment or turn up to a party in the same dress as someone else! Well, that's not going to happen if you buy second-hand clothing. It allows you to develop and express your own style, rather than looking like everyone else. People who rate style over fashion were buying second-hand clothing long before the rest of us caught on.

3 Conserve Your Resources

Honey, just because you have money doesn't mean that you have to spend it! It's especially tempting when your first paycheck comes in to splurge it on that designer bag you've been yearning for, or on gorgeous clothes. But saving makes a lot more sense. Hang on to your money, so that you can save it or use it for something more worthwhile than clothes you'll probably wear once or twice.

4 Fun

Rummaging round thrift stores and flea markets is fun! You never know what you're going to encounter. You may have certain ideas in mind, such as wanting accessories or a summer dress, and may strike lucky. But keeping an open mind means that you'll find some surprising delights; for a thrift store shopper, there's nothing like the satisfaction of stumbling across an unexpected treasure.

5 Satisfying

Once you become a convert to second-hand shopping, you'll feel a real sense of satisfaction every time you buy. You know that you've saved yourself money, which is great for your bank balance. You've also found something that isn't in every store in every size and color. Plus you're helping to keep clothing out of landfills.

6 Supporting Charities

Another really satisfying aspect of second-hand shopping is that you're often helping out a charity. Your money isn't going to fund plush offices for the CEO or expensive advertising campaigns, but instead is going to a good cause (although you have to be cautious about which charities you support; look for one that spends most of its money on the causes).

7 Ethical

Second-hand items are also good if you like to be an ethical shopper. You're avoiding the need for more garments to be manufactured. The textile industry uses a lot of resources like water and often pays its workers very low wages. Buying second-hand means that the garments already made get more use, so it is much more ethical than buying fast fashion that will fall apart and be rapidly discarded.

Whether you buy second-hand from necessity or because you prefer to live a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, it's a rewarding and interesting way to shop. So be discerning about what you buy new; look for items that will last and can be repaired. What is the best second-hand bargain you've ever found?

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