8 Amazingly Chic and Fabulous Tips for a Great Winter Style ...


Winter Style that keeps you warm and looks fabulous isn't always as easy as 1-2-3.

There's so many issues that pop up!

I hate static cling, despise bulky, shapeless sweaters, and simply cannot stand puffy coats that simply don't compliment your body type.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your winter style graceful and charming-and still stay warm in the process!

Please keep reading for my fabulous tips on winter style and ways you can rock it!

1. Boot Logic

When it comes to winter style, I crave boots.

No seriously!

I probably own around 10 pairs and constantly want more!

I live in a super cold climate though, so none of them suffer for attention.

When you go to buy boots, think logically.

You want a pair that will keep you warm and are comfy to walk in, but they don't have to look like farm boots.

Go for shearling!

It can be dressed up or down and is super warm.

Look for a lower heel that you can be comfortable in as well.

2. Go Colorful

What's with all the black and brown coats?

I understand bomber jackets or even a blazer, but winter is drab enough without bundling into a black overcoat!2

Pep up your winter style with a colorful red coat!

Or green, or blue, or whatever color you love most!2

You'll be like a ray of sunshine on a drab and cold winter day!

3. Scarf Help

I adore scarves!

And you can incorporate them into winter style in some of the most gorgeous ways!

My advice is to look for knitted scarves during the coldest winter months.2

They will keep you warmer than cotton scarves, and knitted scarves add so much texture to anything from a leather jacket to a fitted blazer.

Go crazy with color!

Hat Help
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