8 Best Fashion Tips of All Time...

Whether we learned it from "What Not to Wear" or from our fashionista friends, over the years we've all heard fashion tips that helped us to not buy something, dress better, or throw out clothes and accessories we should no longer own.

Guest blogger Katie from Cafe La Modais here today to share 8 Best Fashion Tips of All Time, perhaps you'll learn something new!

We’ve all been given ropey fashion advice at one time or another, and tips that work with one season’s fashion can send you off in the completely wrong direction for another season.

But there are some ideas that hold true regardless of style or season – that if you remember them they will see you right whatever else you decide to do with your look.

1. Don’t Buy It Because It’s Fashionable – Buy It Because It Suits You...

Whatever your budget, style and body shape, there are two types of outfits in this world – the ones that flatter you, work with your assets and make you look (and feel) great, and those that don’t.

Don’t ever allow yourself to be talked into buying the latter kind – no matter how on-trend it is, or how much it’s been reduced in the sale.