8 Gorgeously Lovely Color Blocking Must Haves ...

Color Blocking is a fun, relatively new, totally interesting way to look different and put your color coordination skills to the test!

Iโ€™m sure many of you have considered giving it a try, Iโ€™m even more positive that some even managed to put together amazing outfits and, since I find color blocking trend totally awesome, too, I decided to put together a list of things I believe are color blocking must haves:

1. ASOS Handfull Color Block Sandals

ASOS Handfull Color Block Sandals

Price: $134.78 at us.asos.com.

A cool pair of shoes is always a good way to start your color blocking experience because you donโ€™t really have to go far out to get the look!

Iโ€™ve chosen this fabulous pair because itโ€™s pretty easy to both match and mismatch plus, theyโ€™ll give you the chance to show off your regular wardrobe in a whole new light!

Arenโ€™t they awesome?

Kate Spade New York Primrose Top