7 Fabulous Fashion Blogs for Lesbians ...


Despite the widespread misconception that every girl who likes girls rocks a mullet, flannel, and Birkenstocks, fashion blogs for lesbians DO exist –and whether you’re gay or straight, they’re pretty darn awesome!

Whether you’re a butch who loves looking dapper or a femme who’d wear a frilly frock over jeans any day, you should bookmark these 7 fashion blogs for lesbians right now.

1. Qwear


As far as fashion blogs for lesbians go, Qwear has it all.

Socially aware and inclusive of diverse body shapes and sizes, this blog boasts sections for formal wear, femmewear, shoes, vintage, hair, and casual wear, so it’s chock full of useful info for any girl.

There’s also a diverse group of ‘style consultants’ who specialize in petite menswear, plus sizes, and more.

Posts range from details on the cutest mini lapel pins to calls for a boycott of Abercrombie and Fitch because it 'actively discriminates based on class, size, and appearance.' Best of all, the Qwear team answers reader questions regularly, so don’t hesitate to send a few their way!

2. Tomboy Style

Tomboy Style

If you’re obsessed with all things related to tomboy fashion, Tomboy Style is the place for you!

While it’s not exclusively targeted toward girls who like girls, many lesbian and bisexual women are fans of the site –and it’s not too hard to see why.

Content includes posts on must-own tomboy fashion pieces, tributes to tomboy film icons, and interviews, all of which drip with personality and tomboy flair.

Founder Lizzie Garrett Mettler also served as a guest editor for the Modcloth Blog's Tumblr, so you know she’s good.

3. The Lingerie Lesbian

The Lingerie Lesbian

Caro, the NYC-based blogger behind The Lingerie Lesbian, is simply brilliant.

I’m also a bit jealous of her (she gets to review gorgeous, swoon-worthy lingerie AND blog for Jezebel).

Okay, so I’m practically red with envy, but I digress.

Check out her fabulous blog for up-to-date lingerie news and witty commentary on everything from sexism to how to pull off that sexy little something in the bedroom.

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