7 Fashion Items πŸ‘’πŸ‘ πŸ‘™ to Invest in πŸ’Έ if You Instantly Want to Look More Attractive 😍 ...


You're already a beautiful women.

However, it can't hurt to slip into the right outfits in order to look even sexier.

If you're not sure what you should wear today, here are a few fashion items that Marie Claire claims will make a woman instantly more attractive:

1. Heels

footwear, clothing, leg, arm, spring,

When you wear heels, your body is forced to stand in a different way than usual.2

That means that your booty and breasts will get more attention.

Plus, the way you walk changes when you slip into heels, causing your hips to sway in a seductive way.

2. A Little Black Dress

black, clothing, dress, little black dress, sleeve,

Marie Claire believes that black is the number one color associated with sexiness.2

After all, it can make a woman look slim and chic.

3. Off the Shoulder Shirts

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For some reason, men love the rounded areas of a woman's body.

You already knew they were attracted to butts and breasts, but they're even attracted to our shoulders!

4. Something Red

clothing, dress, red, gown, cocktail dress,

Red is a color associated with love and lust.

It's no wonder why wearing red will capture a man's attention.

Pair a red shirt with something sparkly and he won't be able to look away.

5. Bodycon Dresses

clothing, dress, leg, arm, muscle,

Bodycon dresses stick to your curves, so it shouldn't be surprising that men love to see you wearing them.

After all, it'll give him a good look at your entire sexy body.

6. Lipstick

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, eyelash,

If you only have time to apply one makeup product in the morning, make it lipstick.

After all, if you want to get a man's attention, you should make your lips stand out, so he daydreams about kissing you.

7. Sunglasses

clothing, black, fashion, outerwear, handbag,

You probably don't want to wear sunglasses inside, but if it's sunny out, then putting on your glasses can make you look even better than before.

It creates symmetry on your face, which is what men love to see.2

If you wear any of these items, your attractiveness will skyrocket.

Which one of these items do you love to wear the most?

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