How to Prevent Your Nipples from Showing through Your Shirt ...


You shouldn't be ashamed of your body.

However, if you're embarrassed about your nipples showing through your shirt, there are a few quick fixes for you.

All you have to do is alter the way that you dress.

So if your nipples are always showing through your shirt, but you want that to change, here are a few simple ways to prevent embarrassment:

1. Wear Pasties over Your Nipples


Pasties are meant to cover up your nipples.

If you're walking around without a bra on, then it's a good idea to wear them.

Of course, if your bra is so thin that your nipples are still visible through your shirt, you can wear pasties with your bra.

There's nothing stopping you from buying them, because they aren't expensive at all.2

2. Wear Thick Shirts to Create a Barrier

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If you're afraid of your nipples showing through your shirt, you should invest in thick shirts.

If your clothing fabric is too thin, then it'll be easy to see the outline of your skin.

But if your clothing fabric is thick and heavy, you won't have a problem.2

Then you won't have to keep checking the mirror all day long.

3. Keep Warm Whenever You Can


Your nipples are the most visible when they're hard, and they get hard when they're cold.

That means you need to keep your body warm if you want to prevent them from showing.

Wear a jacket, socks, and gloves when you go out in the snow.

Don't forget your earmuffs, either.

You can't be afraid to bundle up.

You don't want to walk out of the house half-naked in freezing weather.

4. Wear Layers


If you own a gorgeous shirt that just so happens to be a little too thin, all you have to do is layer something over it or under it.2

Then you won't have a problem.

Buy a Lined Bra or a Padded Bra
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